Why is Marketing Automation Necessary & How it is Useful for Small & Mid-Sized Companies?

by | May 4, 2021 | business solutions, Marketing

The competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain and during such times it is essential for small and mid-size companies to implement marketing automation into their business to improve the overall success ratio of their marketing campaigns. The purpose of deploying marketing automation software is not just for the sake of driving day-to-day marketing activities efficiently but also to personalize the experience for prospects and existing customers. 

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A random study stated that the demand for marketing automation software is expected to grow by $6.4 billion by 2024. 75% of entrepreneurs stated that they prefer to use marketing automation to run their marketing campaigns and 91% of users think that marketing automation software is one of the most popular methods to create personalized customer experiences. Let us explore how marketing automation can help small and mid-size companies in more than one way.

Generate and capture leads from multiple sources in no time

When it comes to small and mid-sized companies the need of generating and capturing the leads accurately is more because these companies are new and want to grow their customer database. In such a scenario marketing automation software acts as a useful tool that helps these companies in generating leads from all available sources like email marketing campaigns website, chat, and telephony. It helps companies to form a sales pipeline entailing the basic details of prospects so they can engage with interested prospects more and convert them into a paying customer. It also automates the lead capturing process that helps the marketers of these companies to save their time and simply by signing in into marketing automation software they get the data of all leads captured from multiple sources in one place.

Design effective email marketing campaigns in a few clicks

By deploying powerful marketing automation software you can also design effective email marketing campaigns in a few clicks and showcase your products and services in front of your prospects and existing clients effectively. It also offers highly customized and readymade email templates that ease the job of creating mass email marketing campaigns in no time. Besides this, you can also schedule your follow-up emails using advanced email marketing techniques allowing you to fetch good sales and revenue.

Track the performance of marketing campaigns

Marketing automation software nowadays also offers some real-time smart campaign analytics. These marketing analytics offer you detailed insights on the best-performing marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It provides you the clear, concise, and overall performance of email marketing campaigns. Hence, it enables you to track emails and download the list of active email recipients while tracking the email performance in terms of email open rate, click rate, drop rate, and bounce rate. 

Schedule marketing campaigns in a few clicks

Marketing automation software offers you great help in scheduling your marketing campaigns in advance. It helps you to plan your marketing calendar in advance and schedule various email marketing campaigns for any particular date or event or according to the geographic location of the email list to achieve high open & click rates of emails.

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