Why “Don’t Send Emails at Night” Is a Terrible Idea?

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Marketing

Have you heard of the infomercial effect? When TV networks give up and sign off!

But for the night owls, it is the prime time to stay up and do what they want.

Similarly, the best time to send emails is when the competition is least. You got to stand out to get noticed. This, in turn, could lead to better open and reply rates.

Sales & marketing is a domain, which consistently reinvents itself, as per shifting consumer behaviors and market trends. Hence, to cater to a digitally equipped consumer base and altering market landscapes, every piece of existing advice or sales strategy also needs to be modified.

One such advice which is still doing rounds among sales professionals is – not to send work emails late at night. It is often advised that the practice of sending late night emails interferes with a client’s /prospect’s downtime. Contrary to this popular conviction, in today’s digital day and age, late night emailing is being recognized and encouraged among sales professionals, whose consumer base is digitally active even at the wee hours.

Why “Don’t Send Emails at Night” Is a Terrible Idea

Source: yesware.com

Below mentioned are a few legitimate explanations as to why emails in the late evening should be exercised by sales professionals:

Emails are not time bound

Email is an asynchronous mode of communication; so, it should be sent as per requirements, irrespective of any time constraints.

Today’s digitized generation is no more bound to 9 to 6 schedule only. Instead, they prefer working on their own timelines. Aligned with supple work hours, email acts as one of the most flexible modes of communication for all.  If senders and recipients are active round the clock, then why does emailing need to be time-bound?

Email response rate is higher during late hours

Emails sent at unusual times generate a lot of interest, urging people to click on it right away.

This can be further backed up by several validated facts. A study by Experian proves that emails sent between 8 PM and 12 AM, recorded a comparatively higher click through rates. In another revelation, it was found out that response rate to emails is higher from midnight to early morning, ranging from 17.6 to 21.7%.

The practice of late night emailing also contributes towards reflecting company’s work ethics, assuring customers of its 24×7 availability.



In today’s over- communicative environment, every sales professional is trying to establish brand awareness among a larger consumer base. It is, therefore, recommended to keep yourself updated with new approaches to communication and marketing strategies. This will help you to cater to the current digital savvy consumer base effectively.

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