Why Marketing Should Be In Its Top Game; Especially During Summer!

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Marketing

Summers may be the time for the sun, sand and the sea, with people turning on their vacay mode to full blast. Yet it is also one of the most profitable times to pitch your brand through content marketing, garnering eyes balls every second. This can be attributed to the fact that audience are on a “no work mode” and hence tend to pay further attention to the content that they come across by reading in between the line. Marketers can come up with evocative and buzz-worthy content, to harness that pool of profitability.

Why Marketing Should Be In Its Top Game; Especially During Summer

Here are five reasons why your content marketing should be in its top game, especially during summer:

  • Search engine rankings may plummet: The wide web of Internet never takes vacations, which mean your blog needs to be in full gear to remain relevant all summer long. It plays a crucial role in maintaining that constant visibility, under the consumer radar. A weekly blogs works best here, uplifting the ranks as it saunters through the dog days of summer.
  • Newsletters lose bite: It is integral to remember that Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Newsletters make up an essential part of a successful inbound marketing strategy and for it to be effective; newsletters must go out on a consistent frequency. The market is peppered with free email marketing tools for start-ups to bank on.
  • Fresh inbound leads can dry up: Marketing is as much about gaining new consumers as is consumer retention. If you are not careful, you could see your rate of inbound leads dry up by the end of the summer, causing a nasty barren spell in the fall when your team is back and ready to work. At the very top of every B2B sales funnel is a sieve and if you don’t continue to nurture those early-stage leads, then they will fall eventually fall out and go somewhere more up-to date.
  • Your reputation suffers: It is of human nature to judge on the basis of even the most minuscule of characteristics, such as appearances, nature, punctuality or reliability. When a lead is drawn into your sales funnel, it’s the steadfastness of the content marketing engine that carries the biggest load when it comes to establishing your initial reputation — that and an effective PR campaign. A constant deliverance of what is promised through newsletters, blogs and other tools are the best way to establish your brand as a leader of sorts- stable and considerate.

Newton was apt when he came out with his first law- a body at rest tends to stay at rest. So, if you let your content marketing flounce for any period of time, chances are that it will remain in that state, a situation that is not desirable in current cut-through scenario. Building the momentum just doesn’t cut anymore, for an optimal marketing strategy you need to keep riding the wave to the finish.

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