4 Unconventional Email Ideas for Sales Success

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Marketing

Continuous technological disruptions have made the world evolve faster than ever. Such innovative advancements have progressively altered modes of communication, by leaps and bounds.

As a sales professional in a software firm, I sincerely believe Email Marketing is a technological boon and one of the most effective tools of sales and marketing. Sending out emails on regular basis is a professional approach, used to build brand awareness and stay in touch with prospects.  However, even after years of sending out emails, some sales professionals still fail to draft an effective email, which urges the receiver to respond promptly.

Below mentioned are some of the emails which should be sent out on a timely basis to engage interests of receivers:

1. Cold prospecting email

In today’s hyperactive environment, clients/customers hardly have any spare time to answer cold calls. Meanwhile, incessant talking to sell product/services rarely does any good than making you land in prospect’s block list

Analogous to cold calling, cold prospecting email is a better alternative to get your voice heard amongst the target audience. The ability to formulate a crisp, concise and product value based email, talking about business solutions, should be of paramount importance among sales professional. Creative emails or newsletters focused on sharing the fundamental idea resonates well with today’s internet savvy audience. It should be well drafted to prompt customers to visit your website.

2. The “ I just called” email

If your sales and marketing team is in continuous pursuit of making cold calls, encourage them to drop a corresponding email as well. It portrays your team as committed and dedicated and such practices are often appreciated by the end users as well. Drafting an email saying “as per telephonic discussion”, alongside providing elaborative information is a much more effective way to convey a message rather than overloading them with specifics over a call.

3. The follow-up email

Once, the customer has been informed about the product, it is recommended to follow-up with him on the same. A follow-up email is beneficial in a way that it neither seems pushy nor aggressive. It is a crucial step in any sales process as it contributes towards rapport building with prospects. The habit of sending such emails should be adopted as it also works towards establishing trust and credibility among buyers.

4. The quick feedback email

Feedback emails are sent out to consumer base to learn about their changing interests. It is instrumental in triggering a conversation with customers, highlighting their requirements and areas of improvement for the organization.

Getting customers to speak up helps in developing a personalized relationship with them, further helping sales professionals to provide tailor-made solutions according to their desires.


It is often observed that customers invest in relationships and not just products/services. Therefore, effective relationship building and staying in touch with your customers and prospective leads should be at the heart of any sales process.

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