Make Whatsapp Your Sales Super Power and Salezshark Engage CRM

Written By Yousuf Hasan

Published on March 30, 2023

Increase Your Business Growth with Whatsapp Integration!

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that is used for personal and business purposes. Learn how firms and small medium business that use WhatsApp CRM for their business gain more benefits and provide excellent customer service through a particular channel.

Before CRM integration with WhatsApp, businesses relied on traditional customer relationship management, such as phone calls, email, face-to-face, etc., for managing customer interactions and relationships. While these methods still exist, integrating CRM with WhatsApp today has improved convenience, speed, and personalized customer interactions.

So, if you’re a business owner, you must consider the benefits of Whatsapp integration with CRM in today’s market dynamic. Continue reading to learn more!

What Does One Mean By CRM with Whatsapp?

A CRM integrated with Whatsapp is a real-time customer relationship management tool that uses Whatsapp to communicate with customers in addition to other traditional CRM communication channels. It streamlines different processes between customers and businesses resolving their issues and provides a better customer experience.

CRM with Whatsapp is a robust platform for customer interactions with features like:

Automated Messages | LabelsNotifications

However, not all CRM systems support WhatsApp integration; the business must ensure that the CRM system is compatible with WhatsApp integration.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Integration With Engage CRM

With CRM that has WhatsApp integration, businesses can send messages simultaneously to many customers. It will enhance the communication bridge between a business and its customers. Other than these, there are many other benefits which your business will get, such as:

  • Improved Customer Engagement: WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that millions use. Integrating CRM with WhatsApp allows businesses to add a personal touch to their business and engage with customers more effectively by responding to their messages quickly and resolving their issues.
  • Increased Efficiency: CRM integration with WhatsApp streamlines customer communication making it more efficient. It helps businesses automate messages, track conversations, and simultaneously send messages to multiple customers, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Better Customer Insights: Integrating CRM with WhatsApp provides a better insight into customer behavior and preferences. It helps businesses make more informed decisions and analyze customer data to produce customized campaigns to attract customers.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: CRM integration with WhatsApp helps businesses provide proactive customer support service. It improves customer loyalty, resulting in better business growth.

Features Of WhatsApp & Engage CRM

There are many features that you can unlock with WhatsApp CRM integration, such as:

  • Schedule Messages: A primary feature of CRM WhatsApp is that you can schedule your messages in advance, so you don’t miss out on sending essential messages, such as new product launches, offers, etc., to your customers on time.
  • Real-Time Conversations: With multi-channel integration, businesses can handle significant amount of messages. Moreover, they can cut the waiting time by benefitting from the pre-formatted and auto-replies features of CRM well integrated with WhatsApp. It will allow businesses to keep satisfying their needs and meet the expectations of their customers.
  • WhatsApp Messaging Alerts: With WhatsApp CRM integration, you will get a dedicated notification panel that alerts the customer care department whenever customers reach out to a business through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp integration with CRM is the best way to communicate for a better customer experience. It enhances your company’s growth. It doesn’t matter whether the company is medium or small in size, it provides benefits for the long-term with better conversion rates.

CRM Engage is a popular tool for enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction with a popular messaging app- Whatsapp. Connect us at Salezshark – CRM Software and its marketing automation tools for services.