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by | Aug 5, 2019 | lead management

Lead Management Solution:- On the off chance that you drive, you’d know the advantages and disadvantages of driving. On the highway, it feels awe-inspiring. But imagine you stalled out on the busiest street, without the help of a traffic workforce or red light. Each vehicle can’t move simultaneously and it isn’t important that everybody needs to take a similar road.

This is similar to the pain points of growing businesses, particularly SMEs when they begin accepting a larger number of leads than their ability of the executives. They can’t sustain each lead with equivalent consideration (like the traffic devastation), and that is the place their leads start to sign-up with the competitors. This is where lead management solution comes into the picture.

Lead Management Solution

What is lead?

Lead is an individual or organization that shows interest in your product/services. The interested lead shares the contact information like email address, contact number or company details to know more about the product you are selling. It can be captured from many sources such as email/chat/call/social media/event or much more.

What is lead management?

Lead management is the process of capturing and qualifying leads for sales purposes. As a crucial role in any sales-oriented organization, your business depends upon the lead generation that will continue growing on a larger scale. With lead management solution, your marketers are able to categorize, evaluate and qualify leads before passing into the sales domain. Such marketing qualified leads are nurtured by salespeople, at each buying cycle to build better customer relationships. Once the lead is qualified from the marketing funnel, it becomes an account that will have a dedicated account manager to look after the needs and requirements of the lead.

To get your understanding more clear on how to segment the interested/not so interested leads on the right track, let’s discuss different stages in lead management procedure to assist you in increasing revenue up to 3x.

Lead Capture

The framework catches lead from different sources. It is simpler to select the specific source on which you want to evaluate the lead status. It incorporates sources, for example, web to lead, call, email campaign, chat, events, self-generated, imported, self-generated referral and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can browse and label the pertinent source against which you catch lead in your business.

Lead Distribution

The leads can be circulated by the lead proprietor/team manager who has the administrator rights to alter/include colleagues. The lead owner can be basically altered by including the name of the assigned team member. You can likewise include notes in the discourse box, on the off chance that you wish to feature any significant data identified with the lead. When the lead has been assigned to a specific colleague, both the lead proprietor and allotted member will be notified through email/SMS.

Lead Qualification

If the lead isn’t qualified enough to turn into an account, it is absolutely not justified, despite any potential benefits. The sales rep must qualify leads before excelling with the business procedure. As far as organization, industry vertical, business email address and necessity, everything must be mapped out to qualify the lead status. When the lead is qualified, you can give the lead rating/lead scoring dependent on the correspondence with the prospect, or relying on the online action – hot/warm/cold.

Lead Nurturing

Provide handhold support and built better relationships. Keep up a doc of all the real focuses that you examine with a potential customer. Give customized consideration experiences and certainties around their businesses. Comprehend your lead’s necessities and customize the lead management solution as per the requirements of their businesses.

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