How to Use LinkedIn As a Marketing Tool?

Written By salezshark

Published on March 17, 2017

In today’s cut-throat business landscape, it has become extremely complex to stand out in the market and rake in revenues. The tough battle of getting your innovative message across requires the leverage of insightful tools; something that adds an edge to the jaded system.

The old traditional methods of marketing a business have been reduced to redundancy, with social networking platforms such as LinkedIn that has become instrumental in ushering in a sea of change.

Used by over 450 million business professionals worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networking sites for your career as well as business. Yet, professionals are barely delving into the depths of what’s possible through this channel.

By allowing business players all over the world an opportunity to find and connect with their target market regardless of industry or location, LinkedIn has greatly aided organizations in an efficient Lead Generation Management. Along with Sales CRM, it has emerged to be a formidable ally of any marketer worth his weight in salt.

Without further dithering, let’s get straight into how you can use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

  • Brand your LinkedIn presence: As you create a LinkedIn profile, a LinkedIn Web address that appears like a collection of odd letters and addresses will be automatically created. LinkedIn lets you customize this address to create a branded LinkedIn address with your name. Think of it as a unique entity and utilize this to distinguish yourself from the rest.
  • Bag ‘Warm Call’ Sales Prospects: Owing to the vast database that LinkedIn is armed with, it’s easier to tap future prospects with it. Scope through pertinent profiles available. If you have an active list of LinkedIn connections, it is most likely that you are only two or three connections away from prospective leads. You can utilize LinkedIn’s introduction features in asking one of your connections for a word of introduction. The focus should be based on growing connections, through alliances, ex-co-workers and so on. Paired up with a proficient Web-based CRM Software, LinkedIn can augment sales operation to an effective scale.
  • Utilize LinkedIn ads: Advertising efforts are huge when it comes to the development of brand presence and LinkedIn significantly facilitates this with its ads feature. With LinkedIn ads, you are armed with powerful targeting opportunities for selecting your target audience through job title, function, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender and so on. LinkedIn ads enable you to expand your target segments while providing an expansive customer experience- turning out to be an asset for optimal Sales Automation.


There you have it! These Rock-solid arms and tips in mind, generating valuable profit by channelizing LinkedIn, would be a seamlessly set affair.

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