How to Revive Your Unresponsive Prospects

Written By Yousuf Hasan

Published on April 12, 2024

Every sales development representative has been through a similar situation- cold or dead prospect. We can imagine you being starry-eyed in the pursuit of a hot prospect, expecting to bag it immediately. Yet, like we always say in the world of Sales: the bigger the prospect the more elusive it is. However, one often ends up with a list of prospects that continue to elude you despite significant time investment. All that lead generation management amounted to nothing, it seems….but wait! Help is on your way! With the below set of ingenious tips, you can revive those unresponsive prospects to life:

Tips to Bring Back the Unresponsive Prospects

Here are some of the simple tips that will help you revive your unresponsive prospects and bring more sales.

Keep It Simple

Communicating the value proposition in a succinct yet impactful way is a challenge that every professional faces, now and then. In all eagerness to impress, it is common to spew out as much as possible, but with disastrous results. In this digital era where consumer attention spans hold at merely 8 seconds,  getting bogged down in features and details is a surefire way to get hung up on mid-sentence. Therefore, it is essential to keep things direct and simple to get the message across.

Do your prep work

It certainly pays to conduct some prep work before re-engaging, especially when you know that prospect is on the iffier side. Shape your focal point on a specific problem that you have detected. Tailor the pitch to highlight your product or service as a solution to that problem. Also, if your offering has changed, or you have a new, relevant use since you last connected, bring it up.  Let them know that you have researched diligently, in coming up with solutions.

Keep it engaging and smooth

Nothing- we mean NOTHING turns a prospect off sooner than Blah details and open chances of asking for money. Discussing the financial details at the drop of a hat is bore-some, regressive, and makes you come off as a con artist, ready to mooch up the dough. So, be subtle about the information you give out smoothness and wit work here. Keep things heated up by luring them into taking up the services- the more you engage the further the conversation grows. So, be subtle about the information you give out smoothness and wit work here.

Think Ahead

No one likes a fair-weathered friend as reliability is the talk of the day. Prospects look for partners- those who would provide long-term solutions. Think ahead to your prospect’s future needs and highlight them in your discussion.  Provide a bigger picture for them to see. Not only does this come off as assuring but also proves your resourcefulness in the prospect’s eyes. It is a good show to convey stability and reliance while providing veritable solutions.

Switch up the timings

We all know the adage “there’s a time for everything”- follow that to the boot. Try sending emails at different times to see which gets the best response rates. Often Sundays are the best moment to send across your pitches as people are more accepting of propositions during their leisure times- exclusions like vacations and business trips are big NO-NOs, though.  The timings can be the perfect judge for a hit or a miss- that 2:00 PM call wouldn’t make a wise move, you know. It helps to revive your unresponsive prospects.

Follow up like a boss

Follow-ups are like coal- may seem useless, but you can carve a diamond out of it. Prospects rate professionals based on follow-ups before coming to a conclusive decision. Yet, the majority of Sales professionals turn a blind eye to this goldmine of profitability. Your rate and quality of follow-ups reflect upon your zeal to convert, so slackening the pace won’t help you. You need to keep up constant vigilance to improve upon the amount of follow-ups while maintaining consistency in delivering quality.


So, you have seen that 6 effective ways can help you to bring back your unresponsive prospects. You have to be very effective in your conversations and communications with the prospect. Even a dedicated call to one prospect can help you to convert him into a customer and simply your lead will be converted into a customer.