Here’s What Social Selling Isn’t!

Written By salezshark

Published on April 6, 2016

Social selling is an integral part of your sales tool- box. While many business leaders confidently integrate this apparatus in a business course, some still feel doubtful and often misunderstand it.
It is imperative that you understand what social selling isn’t before you learn the results that can be reaped. So, let’s take a quick look on few points that will give you a better picture!

1. It isn’t a one-time activity
Many professionals write a blog, share posts or tweets on digital platforms. However, they often forget to make it a regular activity. Today, your one- time appearance on social media will not solve the purpose. In fact, your continuous activities here, will certainly aid you in your endeavour to achieve speedy success and growth in trade. So, ensure that you maintain an incessant visibility across platforms by infusing social networking into your daily sales routine.

2. It isn’t the ONLY solution
Social selling has undoubtedly taken the forefront however; it can never replace a sales person.
Social media is a prolific mode to touch- base with a large number of prospects and customers. It efficiently opens different doors to opportunities in sales. At present, it is the best strategy in business but it is not the only solution. Traditional methods of selling such as cold calling are still being practiced by a great majority of business leaders of all shapes and sizes and continue to immensely contribute to the overall growth along with modern selling techniques.

3. It cannot drive your growth without YOU!
Unlike technological tools such as Sales Automation Software and Marketing Automation CRM, social selling needs you to drive growth and success. If you think you have a computer who will do all the work on your behalf, you are highly erroneous. Social media does not work on its own rather, it requires you to constantly be on top of things – it needs you to connect with customers, interact, understand and solve or meet their wants.

4. It may not give you instant Results
Social media empowers you to increase your visibility among target audience, allowing you to spend time with them.
Cold calling might give you immediate results but social selling can take up a while. It is a process which allows you to build a strong foundation with your audience and then pitch sales. It offers multiple routes to do so ensuring great revenues. Hence, it may not deliver overnight results. Today, you can consider it as a little time consuming but the safest sales strategy.

The changing industry needs has made it mandatory for businesses to harness the power of social selling in a business model. Social selling is ‘need of the hour’. The more early you understand its potential and deliverables, the more definite your chances are to be ahead of your competitors and to excel in business.