Failing At Email Campaigns? You Probably Need To Have A Killing Subject Line

Written By salezshark

Published on February 22, 2016

Email is probably the first attempt to lure a customer in to your plan. However, what if your E mail is just ticked and spammed? This certainly is your worst expectation. Your only objective while devising an E mail Campaign is to send the message out to the right person. The customer at least should read the mail. Here are some shorthand tips to your E mail Campaign work.

Target Your Customers

                Target Your Customers

  • Be Conversational

Remind yourself that the inbox of the customer will be already full of Emails resulting from similar endeavors such as yours. You need to realize that the person is already experienced in such enterprises and marketing mails do not really entertain him or her. Therefore, do not try to be a stereotype E-mail writer for an advertising agency. In short, do not add marketing flavors into the subject line. Write as if you are on a conversation and as if you are talking to the real person out there.

  • Make intentional Mistakes

To increase the impact of your punch line, make the reader feel the importance of the mail. A crooked way to do it is to make occasional and intentional mistakes. Write as if you have typed the mail in a hurry. For instance, “Cna we Meet?” instead of “Can we Meet?” is more likely to get the hit. This makes the reader feel that the mail is typed in a hurry because time, as well as the mail, is quite important. Also, make the reader feel that you have limited knowledge or essential spellings. For example, “Your appreciated” works better than “You’re appreciated”. This will trigger a mixed feeling about your ignorance and finally, the urge to open the mail.

Mistakes Don’t Always Harm

          Mistakes Don’t Always Harm

  • Localize and Personalize

It is better to lay more emphasis on the person you are sending the mail. Mention the name of the person somewhere in the subject line and mention the about the location they belong to. This triggers an emotional spark and makes the user inclined to your mail. For example, sending a mail to an Indian at the US will spark when you mention India on the subject line.

We All Love a Bit of Personalization

        We All Love a Bit of Personalization

  • Write Short and Crisp

Do not try to attract the customer with flashy language. Never advertise in the first stance by using strong words such as “Best”, “Finest” and other such. Write short and cold language. A good format is “Aaron, I’m disappointed” or “Norah, accept my apologies.” Such short and cold headlines make the move.

  • Do not cheat

Offer what you have promised. Relate the subject line to what you have written on the mail. Especially the first line being highlighted on every mail. Therefore, be sure that the first line is correlated with the subject line.

sDeliver What you Promise

sDeliver what you Promise

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