How Telephony Integration with CRM Helps Businesses?

by | Jun 23, 2020 | crm

Telephony integration with CRM is a kind of integration that every business should adopt in order to thrive today. Irrespective of the size of your business small, medium, or large and irrespective of the industry your business caters to or belongs to; integrating telephony with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps all sorts of business in more than one way. It enables businesses to keep track of calls made by sales executives and measure data that they have managed to accumulate to increase efficiency.

Telephony Integration with CRM

We all know businesses are using CRM nowadays to build an impeccable relationship with customers and to make this experience better telephony integration plays a vital role. Telephony is a software interface that integrates your physical telephone device to perform activities like dialing and logging calls. Integrating telephony with CRM makes your business efficient and effective. Here are a few benefits of integrating telephony with CRM software:

Expansion in Reach

Technology integration with CRM enables your sales executives in expanding their reach to promising prospects. This integration dials out numbers automatically that enables sales executives to make outbound calls quickly and connect with more prospects. A study shows that satisfied customers are more likely to share referrals, but sales executives don’t ask. But the telephony integration with CRM prompts your sales executives to do this and increase the prospect base.

Improved Customer Engagement

CRM software enables businesses in segmenting customers based on various metrics and helps the sales executives to define the frequency at which they should connect with each customer. Technology integration with CRM enables businesses to track whether the sales executives contacted customers at predefined times, and what was the outcome for the same. Thus, it reduces the chances of sales executives to put up with excuses like “called but customer not responded.” Hence this integration boosts customer engagement.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Technology integration with CRM identifies and routes calls accurately, saving sales executives the time of having to transfer calls between departments. This integration enables businesses to analyze various important KPIs like call handling time, leads in the sales pipeline, and so on. Businesses can track and monitor calls and provide feedback to sales executives to help them reduce call duration and enhance quality at the same time.

Improved Lead Conversions

A recent study stated that 90 percent of prospects convert into customers by the sixth attempt. CRM software offers your sales executives with relevant information on the customers’ buying behavior and interactions, and on the other hand, the telephony enables sales executives in logging the number of follow-ups. Thus telephony integration with CRM enables businesses to keep their sales executives accountable and also increase sales.

Optimal use of your CRM

Technology integration with CRM enhances the optimal use of your CRM. Generally, sales executives don’t log calls because they complain about a lack of time. This approach works as an obstacle for businesses to analyze how their sales executives engaged the prospects and customers. Integrating telephony with CRM enables businesses to conduct sales reviews in-depth. Plus businesses can also analyze the calls for improvement in quality and use them for training their sales executives.

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