Why do Businesses Need to Start Blogging?

Written By salezshark

Published on May 28, 2022

As a business owner, you always want your company in the top position in the search engine ranking to make more sales and generate more revenue. Every search engine has its algorithm, but a common thing among them is they don’t want to harm their audience’s experience. Therefore, they only provide information from trusted sites. And business blogging plays a significant role in building your website’s authority.


Blogging is a form of content marketing, and with 4 billion people connected to the internet, this is the best time for any business to start blogging. It’s a long trust-building activity that ultimately repays in the form of sales. The other side of blogging is that it helps nurture your leads by providing them with the desired information.

Benefits of Blogging for any Business

Business owners ask a very common question: Is business blogging still effective in 2022? And the answer is, of course, yes. We will tell you why your business should do blogging.

Drive traffic to your website

Everyone on the internet wants a good amount of traffic on their website. Generally, people have some queries for which they are looking and want an expert answer. So they go to the internet, type out their question, and look for answers. You introduce your company to these people as an expert service provider by writing a blog on that specific query.

It may not repay instantly, but you will see the difference over the long run. Secondly, once you create a new blog post, it gets indexed in the search engine, increasing the probability of appearing on SERP, which drives organic traffic to your website.

Increases conversion rates

The process of lead generation to lead conversion through a blog post is very simple. Once the people know about the website, they visit to solve their queries. You can avail this lead conversion opportunity by providing a call to action button to your blog post. You may also use a lead magnet like free templates, free e-books, free webinars, etc., in exchange for their information.

Steps of lead generation

  • A person has a query.
  • He searches his query on search engines.
  • Search engine shows him the best solutions in the form of blogs
  • The person goes through the blog read the content
  • He gets attracted to the lead magnet and clicks to call to action button.
  • He lands on the landing page and provides his information in exchange for a free offer.
  • You get a new lead.
  • Nurture the leads by providing information through the blog post.
  • This lead gets converted.

Long-term Results

Businesses create blogs on the targeted audience’s relevant topic. These blogs help businesses to establish themselves as an industry expert. It also helps them in building trust among their customers. Suppose one of your customers finds solutions to his daily queries through your blog hosted on your website. Then there are more chances for him to come into the sales funnel.

Rank Better on Google

Google or any other search engine has an algorithm that considers various factors while displaying a result to the search query. According to various industry experts, backlinks are essential out of all the elements. It helps google or any search engine establish the authoritativeness of a website.

The website with a good amount of backlinks from other genuine sites. Google will consider it an authoritative site and improve its ranking for the related query.  Business blogging helps you in building these backlinks.

Final Thoughts

You must have understood the importance of blogging for your business by now. Of various benefits that a blog can provide to your business, the most important is that it helps you to build trust among your targeted audience. So when are you starting your blog?

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