How to Boost Employees’ Morale during Pandemic

by | Aug 26, 2020 | business solutions

Combating the pandemic situation like COVID-19 is not easy and makes many employers finding them contending with the emotional repercussions. Pandemic is not only causing harm to the economy but also to the employees who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression as they try to balance between new realities at work and home. In order to run the business seamlessly, it is more important than ever to focus on employees’ well-being. Here we are with a few effective tips to help you as an employer to promote wellness while motivating employees during the pandemic.

Be Calm: Being a leader of the organization it is highly required by you to be calm during such situations. Obviously, it is a time of economic uncertainties but you can’t panic because your employees need someone to look for reassurance. Portray yourself as a strong motivating employer and communicate a clear plan for forwarding momentum, even as they acknowledge changes to business as usual.

Give Priority to Safety: If your employees are not feeling safe then they are likely to feel less confident. Being a responsible employer you need to make sure that the workplace is in compliance with state and federal guidelines promoting employee health. Ensuring and prioritizing employee safety means keeping hand sanitizer, soap, gloves, and masks for employees at work. Businesses operating remotely can discuss the organization’s health policies as well, highlighting any changed plans for employees affected by COVID-19.

Address Employee Concerns: Another best practice to follow during such times is addressing employees’ concerns and giving solutions to their challenges before they escalate. Sometimes even a single empathetic note from the employer’s side can relieve the tension of the employee and motivate him/her to dive right back to work.

Appreciate Good Work & Good Ideas: It doesn’t matter the situation is pandemic or not, recognizing and appreciating employees’ efforts and innovation is always considered as one of the best ways to motivate them to strive for excellence at work. Besides that also make sure your employees also recognize each other’s efforts in whatever ways possible. This approach generates a positive environment and motivates employees to give their best. Employers must leave no stone unturned in recognizing employees’ efforts and reward them for going the extra mile to help colleagues and clients.

Guide Employees: As COVID -19 compelled many employees to work from home; so during such times your employees need guidance on how to do work from home in a similar manner they used to do at the workplace. Provide your employees with online guides or short tutorials on topics like how to use online conferencing applications, how to manage their time while juggling responsibilities at home, and so on.

Include Employees in Discussions: This is the time you should stay connected with your employees more than ever. Encourage them to give their suggestions and feedbacks that help a business in enhancing operational efficiency and overall company management. Acknowledge and implement creative ideas and solutions given by your employees. This approach will make them feel a part of a business and the sense of responsibility to achieve business goals will enhance automatically.

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