Psychology of a Buyer: How to Convert Prospects into Customers with Break through Strategies

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Marketing, SaaS, Sales

About half a decade ago, one of my sales representatives came to me and started yelling about a prospect. He was unhappy that his prospect went with our competitor even though he was offered the best deal.

I could identify that my representative was totally unaware about the expectations, likes -dislikes and concerns of the buyer which may have led to this failure.

Just offering your best deals may not win you sales. However, understanding the correct needs, preferences and psychology of a buyer and accordingly offering him a customized product or a service can certainly help you out!

So let’s take a quick look on a few strategic ways to convert prospects into customers by understanding their psychology:

Watch and Listen Carefully

Observing your prospect’s activities isn’t rocket science; it’s not even voodoo. However, it is often overlooked.

Carefully watching and listening to prospects gives you a better understanding of their psychology and therefore, paves the way to present a customized pitch in- sync to their preference, to best attract and suit the prospect.

Make Speed an Essence

Prospects who look for information about your business, generally like to attain it in a speedy way. Therefore, reply to queries at the earliest convenience.

This would encourage your prospects to undertake quick decisions and thereby, eliminates the waiting time. The quick decision making affects how fast you achieve your targets.

Communicate with continual Refinement

A conversation has the power to strongly influence your prospects alongside; it has the ability to completely sway them away.

Today, to be an architect of your own success and happiness, it is crucial to initiate a brilliant conversation. Talk with confidence, passion and the correct amount of modulation, highlighting the key messages and benefits. Don’t over talk and over- explain things or you’ll lose your listener’s interest.

Build Profound Trust

Establishing trust is the most fool -proof strategy to powerfully turn your prospects into customers. It proves that you can deliver their desired outcome.

Many times you would have been disappointed when you were misled on a purchase or when a product didn’t live up to its billing. Don’t make your customer go through the same experience. Build trust to exclude such incidents.

Be visible across platforms

Many prospects actively spend time on various digital portals such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Your presence on such platforms multiplies your visibility and helps you stay connected with them.

Today, there are people who do not like to be approached. They do their own study, excluding your chance to pitch. Let them go through your social media pages, leveraging them to independently understand your business. Such league of people will come to you on their own, in case interested.

Today’s buyer has changed. He comes with more demands and expectations.

Offering products and services in a traditional way might not get you any luck. However, incorporating the above strategies in your sales pitch will surely help you turn them into customers.

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