Best Practices to Stay Productive While Working From Home

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Published on March 19, 2020

Every coin has its two sides. Similarly, if work from home is a blessing then it is a curse too. Working from home has some major benefits but at the same time, there are plenty of challenges too. Initially, it can be troublesome for anybody to get accustomed to it however after getting used to it one can lead to major productivity. As per one random study employees who work from home are on average 14% more productive than employees at the workplace.

Stay Productive While Working From Home

Unfortunately, this accelerated productivity does not come simply by working at home. You need to have a proper work plan and schedule that is possible by following certain best practices. Let’s dig into some best practices to stay productive while working from home.

Get a work schedule: Undoubtedly working from home means having a desire to not following a strict work schedule but a work schedule of some kind is still required if you want to get things done timely. Working at the office comes with a start and an end time. Similarly at home to stay productive, you should have one too. Of course, at home, you can be a bit flexible otherwise what is the point of working from home, but still have a start and an end time is necessary.

Plan a workspace: You should have a workspace in your home that should be dedicated only to the work of office where you can peacefully work without any household distractions. It can be your favorite chair, separate desk, a spot on the couch or whatever suits you best to work effectively. Find it, stick with it and do not use it for any other task.

Limit home distractions: Working at an office in a traditional setting where all other colleagues working and busy in their own tasks never invite any kind of distractions. However, at home, the quantity of distraction is higher. At home, you are surrounded by family members or roommates and they can be one of the reasons for major distractions. In such situations, you need to clearly communicate with family members or roommates and set clear expectations that it is best for you not to be interrupted while you work those hours from home.

Check your internet connection speed: The internet is an integral part of our lives personally and professionally too. Make sure the speed of your internet connection is constant and fast. If the speed of your internet connection is slow or not up to the mark, consider upgrading it to something faster. Check with your internet service provider for some new plans and you might find yourself a good deal.

Have fun: Working from home is all about creating a work environment at home almost equivalent to the office and being as productive as you are in office. But this doesn’t mean missing out on the biggest advantages of working from home like the sense of freedom and ability to be random and do whatever you want, whenever you want. Have fun with it. Yes, you need a little fun too. Watch an episode of your favorite web series or daily soap or any short movie. Go out and treat yourself to a nice lunch or visit your close friend at his/her place of work for a few minutes if nearby.

Hence, working from home can be a challenging task from a productivity point of view, but once you get accustomed to it, you’ll be getting things done like never before.