Best B2B Sales Lead Database in India

Written By Yousuf Hasan

Published on February 16, 2024

Targeting the right audience and increasing sales is the mission of many companies. However, getting appropriate sales leads is still a major challenge for them. Either they are unable to target the right people or the sales database they have is all junk. Therefore, here we suggest an optimum way to get the best B2B sales lead database in India so that you can enter the inboxes of your desired audience and boost sales.

SalezShark Connect+ Software has more than 1.3 million data that can bring sales to your company. All the data are human verified and you won’t face any challenges while contacting the right person.

Features of Sales Lead Database

There are a lot of things that you must look at before you go for any such database. After inspecting all the points given below, you can finalize the best database that brings sales.

Data Authenticity

It is very important to check the quality of the database you are buying because when you drop emails to those data, many of them go undelivered. So, make sure that all the data are verified and the delivery rate & open rate should be high.

Database Size

The size of the database also plays a vital role when you are going for a Sales Lead Database in India. If you are targeting a small database then the conversion rate is low whereas choosing a large B2B database will bring you high conversions.

Database Price

The Price of the database should be compared before you make the final purchase. You must see the cost per data that you are buying and secondly, different plans that are offered by Database Providers in India.

Email Extensions

The data you are buying must have the email extension of the respective company’s domain and not the generic extensions like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. On the other hand, the open rate of email also increases if you drop emails to corporate email IDs.

Top Companies

Check the list of companies whose data you are buying. You must make sure that potential companies’ data is there which can be appropriate for bringing more sales lead for your business.

Top Industries

If you want to target a specific industry then you must buy the database of those businesses doing business in the same industry. Buying a B2B Sales Lead Database of other industries will increase your cost and bring irrelevant sales lead.

How Does Salezshark’s Database Bring Sales?

Salezshark Connect+ can be the optimum solution for bringing a Qualified Sales Lead to your company. It has a database of more than 1.3 million executives from more than 3.4 lac companies. You will get the following benefits if you buy the database from Salezshark.

Email Marketing

This software is not only a database software but also an email marketing tool. You can get the database from the software and send emails in bulk or even design email campaigns to bring Sales Lead for your business.

WhatsApp Broadcasting

Businesses can even broadcast messages through WhatsApp using the same software. You can create your list and send WhatsApp messages at once to all the contacts in the list.

Verified Data

All the data in Connect+ are Human Verified and they have the corporate email addresses of every executive. The authenticity of data can be proved with the corporate email extensions and there will be no personal emails of any executive.


So, you have seen how you can bring the Best Sales Lead Database in India. If you use this software, you will have lacs of corporate emails that can help you to generate more sales lead and once you convert them, it increases the revenue of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can i get personal emails in this software?

Ans – No, this software only offers corporate emails beacuse the delivery and open rate of these emails are high.

Q. How can I generate sales lead with this software?

Ans – You can generate sales lead by using the database given in this software and then sending email campaigns with good CTAs to those email addresses.