The Art to Exceed Customer Satisfaction

Written By salezshark

Published on February 10, 2016

Today is the era of an empowered customer who has choices and comes with expectations.

Heightened customer expectations and the need to be ahead of market competition has led many organisations to build progressive strategies to exceed customer satisfaction. Today, customer satisfaction has emerged as an integral part of a business model. It is the only indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty and thereby reduces customer churn. Hence, for a long- term survival in today’s competitive environment, business leaders are constantly customising services and products to meet the requirement. They examine customer’s response based on various findings and scenarios and accordingly bridge the gap by building methodologies and implementing various customer management software. Few such important strategies that may help an organisation to achieve a happy and satisfied customer are mentioned below:

Be approachable
Selling a product is one stage, lending efficient customer service to resolve further doubts/ queries if any, completes the entire sales lifecycle.
Making yourself available round the clock, thereby empowering your customers to contact you anytime for assistance certainly builds a strong feeling of satisfaction. Providing real-time assistance is a crucial strategy that has the ability to turn a regular customer into a loyal entity.

At present, many big sized organisations offer 24/7 call centre service however, the protocol often lacks in various small and mid- sized enterprises. The customer is changing today, so are the expectations therefore, timely attending to customer’s queries should be treated as ‘mandatory’ within all organisations, barring the size.

Listen actively
It is important to build healthy rapport with customers by listening to them and understanding their exact needs through CRM Software. Not only employees but it is equally essential for top management and business leaders to be in constant touch with customers to understand their point of view.

Eliminating the need for a customer to repeat the concern through active listening, opens many doors to build rapport and trust. Implementing such practice in daily business routine helps in assisting a customer in the best possible way and fuels customer satisfaction.

Build relations and Go the Extra Mile
Building relationship is a definite technique that encourages a regular client to become a loyal customer. Today, many successful companies place great value on developing lifetime relations with their customers by rendering service above and beyond expectations. The need to achieve a ‘Happy Customer’ is equally important as sales, marketing, or any other aspect of a business.

Secondly, going extra mile distinguishes a prodigious customer experience from an average one. Little things such as rewarding the customer, sending thank you letters helps you do more than just providing a product or a service. Identifying sensitive moments that matter the most, to lay specific efforts such as display of empathy makes a customer feel that the treatment was extra-ordinary.

In today’s increasing market competition, it is imperative for business leaders to lay a vast array of measurements chiefly through Sales CRM to learn customer’s response and establish necessary techniques to exceed their satisfaction.