Are You Ready For Activity Based Selling?

Written By salezshark

Published on September 28, 2016

It is rightly said that one should focus on the procedure of sales rather than aiming towards the closing ratio, just for sake of doing it. Then, selling is not a single aspect, but it is a continuous process you go through to make the sales happen. Starting from the basics; selling boils down to this: providing something of value to someone in exchange for money.
Ensuring a seamless selling process “activity based selling” is the newly adopted measure by new business leaders. Considered as the most powerful way of selling, it puts you in the driver’s seat, builds your confidence and makes your selling even more fun. With this new activity-based selling, the old school way of managing sales team is disappearing and for a good reason.
Now, what Activity Based Selling is?
Activity based selling is the idea that winning a sale is the outcome of a stream of controllable activities. As most salespersons are engaged in results-based selling and their mindset and focus revolve around making a sale happen. However, you need to do the opposite and adopt an activity-based approach in positioning yourself as a game changer.
I know this from my own experiences as I was highly convinced that I didn’t belong to a sales genre. I struggled at the initial phase of the selling process unless I came across some experienced sales leaders who were already aware of activity based selling and its promising takeaways. Thereafter, then I changed my mindset and revamped my process and soon, I started selling. According to me, activity based selling can be used by anyone in sales, from the largest multi-national companies to sole proprietorships.
The vast majority of salespeople focus on results rather than their actions. The inclination makes sense as we all need to make money. Whereas, in activity-based selling, you need to keep your focus on your actions and not on results, perhaps the toughest part I consider. As sales people, the pressure to get deals through the pipeline to a close is powerful and enduring. But notice, I did not say you shall forget about results. The crux of activity-based selling lies in resisting the temptation to make them your focus. In order to do so, you need to make a core mental shift in providing effective Business Intelligent Services.
I would suggest you to start with your own hypothesis for the key sales metrics you want to track by assessing most important activities for your sales team. Start by doing research on the different attributes by keeping in mind that, one may not work for other in defining the structure of your sales organization. Besides, the Sales CRM tools can really be helpful in your due diligence towards placing your metrics right.
Moreover, after rolling out the key metrics, ensure it’s all being tracked properly in your CRM system through Sales CRM Software so that you can deliver individual rep and team performance scorecards. This helps people remain focused and accountable, and further becomes a vehicle in which to encourage best practice sharing. Not just this, the whole range of premium quality goods offered by us are widely claimed round the globe
Alongside, you should monitor your course of action to ensure a proper sales activity management by having regular meetings with managers and representatives to review activity levels and inspire the team with stack rankings. Furthermore, the feedback should be readily available in Sales Management Software for future references. Besides, look for best practices of your competitors by analyzing their key activities. Also, assess your data through Sales Automation CRM on a regular basis to ensure that the activities you have identified actually drive more sales.
Thus, I am confident that, once you practice it, you are on your path to maximize your potential and your closing ratio.

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