78 % Users Expect Personalization; It’s Time to Revamp your Marketing Strategy!

Written By salezshark

Published on April 7, 2016

Marketing is constantly upgrading to meet people’s expectations and wow them with innovative ideas. It is growing to be more sophisticated with every passing day and only to match with today’s customer needs. The consumer understands the market which is flushed with customized service options, giving them a chance to pick wisely after close examination and comparison.

At present, to match the pace of this fast-moving market, your company needs to keep abreast with the changes else it might lag behind in the race. Irrespective of being a small or a big business, you should integrate the most advanced marketing strategies to bridge this gap. You must build and present personalized services that are high on productivity and exceeds expectations of a modern-day buyer.

Listed below are a few ideas and suggestions that will powerfully guide you on what personalized services you can offer to your customers, today. These will help you reshape your marketing strategies to lure more and more customers at a rapid speed.

Revisit your Website
Imagine you log in to Snapdeal, Flipkart or any other shopping website and you are treated with useful recommendations that assist you in navigating through the website and initiate a hassle -free purchase.
Your website is the biggest marketing tool. So, ensure that it is well equipped to best attract each visitor. In case you think it’s outdated, give it a new look; incorporate relevant changes to match the desires of today’s buyer.

Harness the power of Email
Email marketing is the most efficient way to deliver personalized suggestions and services to your customers.
Today, it’s important that you first learn customer traits; their likes and dislikes on different technological tools such as Marketing Automation CRM, Customer Management Software and more. Such understanding helps you to present a personalized service that is completely in- sync with your customer’s demand and expectation.

Identify New Routes
Today, there are many people who do not own a computer or a laptop; they access the internet only on their mobile. This indicates the need for an effective mobile-based marketing strategy!
A mobile- based marketing strategy can give you a major head- start when it comes to reaching a massive audience. Therefore, it is critical for all brands and organizations to build a mobile application that has the ability to customize their outreach to customers.

Besides the above ideas, let’s also take a quick look at 5 important factors that can help you to present a personalized approach to your marketing strategies:

1. Acknowledge your Customers – Acknowledge whatever your customer has to say, whether negative or positive. Don’t let their feedback fall on deaf ears.
2. Treat them Best– Make your customer feel that you care. Be available for them and let them rely on you. Treat them in a way that it eliminates their chance to go with your competitor
3. Make your Customer Happy– Meet and exceed their expectations regularly. Go a little extra- mile to display your willingness to help.
4. Build a Rapport-Build and maintain long- term relationships.
5. Walk them Through – Be with them, hand- hold them through all stages. Not just while pitching or during sales; stay beside them during the after-sales stage as well.