5 Apps That Help You Write Perfect Emails

Written By salezshark

Published on August 8, 2017

Sales, unintentionally, has become a chase that can be rivaled amongst cats and mice. Imagine that, sales professionals/marketers are the proverbial cats, chasing the mice a.k.a consumers to gain nourishment i.e. successful transactions. Like most confused cats, these professionals often get waylaid and lose steam- sales is a tricky tightrope to cross. Yet, one of the veritable ammunition that the beloved sales cats can bank upon is a humble and universal….EMAIL. That’s right!

The classic “a first impression is the lasting impression” works greatly as it takes a few keystrokes to jazz up a flagging campaign.

5 Apps That Help You Write Perfect Emails

Wondering how to capitalize on this? With some ingenuity and the below listed tools in your kitty:

 1) Crystal

Read the fine print: Who doesn’t like to be addressed differently! A good dose of emotiveness is necessary to transform a flat email into a rousing conversation. Here, Crystal can be your buddy. Crystal is a Gmail extension that helps professionals in communicating with empathy by chalking out “personality profiles” for people you correspond with, which include tonal suggestions such as “Stick to the big picture” and “Project boldness and confidence”; writing tips like “Write with short casual language” and “Use data to prove a point”; and personality traits. It also provides communication tips to keep the relationship productive, which aids sales professionals to a great extent.

2) Charlie App

Another relationship management app, Charlie analyses data found across the net and sends salespeople a detailed discourse on their clients, which includes a brief biography of the prospect. This is useful for those working deals with multiple parties, as it helps them keep tabs on the multitude of client-based information. It also amasses links to social profiles, recent news articles, keeping professionals updated with client-based info.

3) Hemingway Editor

Sales reps earnestly try to cram the most in a single mail, which unfortunately backfires. Hemingway Editor is a free online tool at the rescue that highlights readability and correctness- to aid sales reps in crafting lucid, simple emails. Paste any email into the reader and it will highlight the sentences that are difficult to read, written in passive voice, and overly complicated. Hemingway also provides readability ratings by grade level, proving that minimal approach bags the maximum rewards.

4) Just Not Sorry

Weak words are a bane for every impactful email yet; these words are most opted when we’re willing to cut the rug in earnestness. Just Not Sorry Google Chrome extension is the saviour that helps you remove weak words and phrases such as “I think” and “Sorry.” It goes extra mile to explain why the particular term should be avoided and provides a fun dose of inspiration- perfect for those young ones to capitalize on.

5) Grammarly

Grammarly is love, Grammarly is life. There is not a single professional who hasn’t resorted to this ubiquitous tool to help them write. Write reading mails, basic grammar is the first thing that prospect takes into account and if sales professionals suffer from a bad case of grammar gone haywire, lord save them. This simple yet powerful tool keeps the boo-boos/mistakes from happening so that the mail can achieve a polished effect- just the thing a crackling campaign needs.