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SalezShark Australia
sales management system

SalezShark sales management system in Australia “Engage” has come into use when the companies in Australia started feeling that they are lacking behind in identifying, connecting, and converting leads. This CRM software paved a new way for them to interact with prospective buyers quickly. It ensures saving your time from manual and tedious sales work by offering its automated formulae.

sales management

Uplift sales beyond basics with SalezShark sales management system

sales management

Get a competitive edge

SalezShark sales management system in Australia gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. It gives you access to all contacts & customer interactions on its unified portal to build better & faster relationships. You can sync your inbox and import contacts in a few clicks. Also, you can arrange your leads & opportunities in a customizable sales funnel to sell efficiently & quickly.

sales management

Streamline sales

SalezShark sales management in Australia leaves no stone unturned in streamlining your sales process. It simplifies your sales journey at every stage of the sales cycle. Our cloud-based CRM software “Engage” is designed to manage and streamline data and also offers various project analysis reports that help sales agents to analyze the complete sales cycle and helps in making your sales process a breeze.

sales management

Grow your brand

SalezShark sales management allows you to spend less time filling & scrolling the spreadsheets and more time selling & building relationships. It makes your brand go fast by taking your system to the mobile screens. By using our mobile application you can work on leads and close deals fast anytime from anywhere. Overall, you get more speed, intelligence, and personalization in every customer transaction.

sales management

Retain customers

SalezShark CRM software “Engage” helps you not only in making great sales but also helps in retaining your customers by driving impeccable customer engagement through automated workflows. It enables you to create automated email workflows that help you to follow up with prospects easily and always be on the mind of your prospects and existing customers.

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Streamline sales effectively with the SalezSahrk sales management system

Get a bird's eye view of sales with dashboard

SalezShark “Engage” makes the tracking of your sales easy and quick by offering you access to various Dashboards. By using the Dashboard you can track sales in a few clicks. It helps you to analyze sales performance reports with key performance indicators in the form of easy-to-understand graphs & charts. Hence you can know the exact sales numbers achieved or lost which helps you to stay updated with the sales process's overall performance.

sales management

Keep a track of your sales agents’ performance
with Leaderboard

SalezShark “Engage” also enables you to closely gauge your sales experts’ performance and rank it based on the number of actual sales performed. It displays sales professionals’ ranking in a Leaderboard encouraging them to stay competitive by viewing the sales performance. Hence by using the Leaderboard feature of our sales management you can bring transparency to the team of sales executives.
sales management

Track your sales with the SalezShark sales management system

SalezShark “Engage” also offers a great feature of Activity & Task that enables you to plan and schedule daily sales activities such as emails, phone calls, meetings & demos with prospects. It helps you in scheduling follow-ups with clients and set reminders helping you to never miss any planned sales activity. It gives you access to all sales activities performed with clients in a few clicks enhancing traceability.
sales management

How does SalezShark sales
management CRM sales pipeline work?

SalezShark “Engage” simplifies your sales by offering you robust sales pipeline management. It enables you to closely track every sales opportunity. Our sales pipeline management comes with a unique feature of sales funnel. By using it you can keep all your leads intact and organized in a funnel based on the interactions made with leads and chances of their conversion into paying customers. It comes with a drag and drop functionality that makes it easy for sales professionals to arrange leads into the sales funnel. By keeping all the leads into funnel helps you to never miss any leads and work on all leads together. In the funnel you can also prioritize your leads based on the chances of their conversion. By prioritizing leads it becomes easy for you to work on leads with higher chances of conversion first and rest of the leads later. SalezShark sales pipeline management not only simplifies the tracking of leads and prioritizing them but also makes the process of sales forecasting more accurate.

sales management

Advantages of SalezShark sales management
CRM sales pipeline

Creating a strong sales funnel is not an easy task for many sales professionals. Many sales agents find it difficult to build a strong sales funnel that is filled with sales-qualified leads and offers the chance of converting into paying customers. In such a scenario the funnel management Salezshark helps you and your team of sales executives build a strong visual sales funnel into the SalezShark CRM. By leveraging this visual sale funnel you can arrange all your leads into the visual sales funnel and can work on all of them together. Keeping all the leads in the funnel helps you to track the stages of all leads easily. It helps you to divide your leads at the top, middle, or bottom stages of the funnel based on their chances of converting into paying customers. You can arrange all the leads into different stages of this visual sales funnel based on the sorts of interactions made with leads and based on their chances of converting into paying customers. You can move the leads into the visual sales funnel by leveraging the drag and drop functionality of the SalezShark sales funnel. Simply by dragging and dropping, you can move leads from top to bottom in the funnel as they progress towards the decision-making stage of buying the products and services.

As the leads progress towards the bottom of the funnel, it indicates that these are the set of leads that need special attention and you should keep these set of leads on priority. Hence SalezShark visual sales funnel also helps you in prioritizing the leads and you can first work on those leads that are at the bottom of the funnel and after converting them into paying customers, you can work on the rest of the leads. Besides lead prioritizing, SalezShark's visual sales funnel also helps your senior sales managers in the process of sales forecasting. Sales forecasting is one of the crucial aspects of sales where assumptions are made and expected sales and revenue generation are calculated. This is not an easy process and requires a lot of time and patience. You need to go through various sales reports and so on to calculate expected sales. However, this process becomes simple as the visual sales funnel of SalezShark not only displays the position of leads but also displays the expected amount of revenue that can be generated once it turns into a paying customer. Hence by using the SalezShark sales funnel you can forecast sales accurately. So, if you are looking forward to making your sales process a breeze then you must try SalezShark CRM that not only offers you a feature of sales funnel management but also various other features that help you automate your entire sales process and helps you in enhancing your productivity, sales growth, and revenue generation.

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