Frequently Asked Questions

Salezshark Connect+ provides a platform that enables its users to do limitless prospecting through automation by giving direct access to a premium human-verified database that can be used to create auto mailing lists for sending campaigns through its marketing outreach tool.

So As a result you will get leads directly in your inbox.

Offerings: Premium Database integrated with Marketing Automation


  • Intelligent curated Prospecting
  • List Segmentation
  • Email Marketing (Not in Dataguru)
  • Campaign 360 Degree (Not in Dataguru)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Geo Tagging
  • Account Based Targeting
  • Linkedin Contacts (Not in Dataguru)
  • Email Campaigns Analysis Reports (Not in Dataguru)
  • Radius Search
  • Company/ Executive Overview
  • Domestic/Global Database (Not in Dataguru)

Connect+ provides both domestic and International data. LinkedIn extension allows to add contacts from LinkedIn and directly add them to my contacts list.

We have upgraded Dataguru for the ease of our clients, Now Dataguru is known as Connect+ . Connect+ offers the same services as Dataguru along with a free marketing tool for email campaigns which is an additional feature which you can avail in the same price. Now with Connect+, you can fetch the data and directly create a list from the same platform and reach out to the prospect audience through email campaigning. It’s up to you which feature you want to use, we are offering all this in the same price which is very ofcourse very beneficial in terms of ease, use and money .

We have a complete process around it. Once you will subscribe, an account manager will be provided to you, who will be in touch with you throughout the subscription period and the support team will help you start from the onboarding, domain integration, any kind of support needed. Training session will be free of cost and it’s a part of the process. Just after the onboarding, training will be scheduled. We will take care of everything.

  • We maintain very high standards when it comes to Accuracy. The whole data is being populated by our in-house research team which includes subject matter experts on particular industry. Not just the contact details they provide comprehensive information. Just having a look at the Company record, your Sales Reps will gain enough knowledge on the Company to confidently take that very first prospecting call.
  • Also, we follow a 90 working days refresh cycle. We use both Automation and Human Intervention to keep this database updated which ensures speed along with accuracy. We are the only company at present in India who is working on Indian database using Smart Algorithms, Artificial intelligence (AI) and other modern technological innovations to verify and validate all the information.
  • However, sometimes due to very high level of executive movements happening in the Indian corporate landscape, sometimes the deviations are there which are dealt with the inbuilt flagging mechanism feature on our portal. Any information flagged by our customer will directly reach our research team who will ensure this is corrected and the communication is sent out to our customers within 24 working hours.

You can make online payments from credit card or debit card, or transfer the amount through RTGS or NEFT.

Yes, Monthly payments are available. We are offering various monthly plans with Connect+.

Yes, you can. But before that I would suggest you have a look at our offerings. I am sure you will find a plan as per your criteria.

IIMs, BMW, Samsung, Audi, Ernst Young, Kotak Mahindra, Canon, Google, Mahindra Insurance, Marsh India, Aegon Life Insurance, Kyocera etc

Yes, you are free to leverage your business with our marketing automation suite by using your own database.

Yes, you can upgrade the plan anytime.


We can really understand your concern for mobile numbers. However, would like to apprise you that we deal with international clientele and are thus Privacy Compliant & follow international standards when it comes to Data privacy & Security. We are well compliant with CAN-SPAM Guidelines as per the US authorities and the GDPR laws by European Union(EU), which prohibit sharing any personal information including mobile numbers. Thus, we do not maintain such database. • Small vendors are selling mobile numbers- This won’t happen for long, India is on the verge of releasing its own Privacy Laws anytime soon the bill is scheduled to be tabled this winter session of parliament. This will put an end to trading in any kind of personal information. • What we provide is Head Office Boardline Nos. and Direct Business email addresses of CLevel executives, who generally are available at Head office only. So, reaching out has never been an issue with any of our customers.

Connect+ offers the business information. You will get direct business email addresses.

Would like to point out here that all the Information given on Linkedin is being update by the very same person. It is a natural human tendency of a person to glorify his image, so the information might not be correct. In Sales & Marketing Domain a major chunk of executives do use linkedin but this is not true with other departments like Finance & Admin etc Many a times this can be noted that people have changed their jobs but have not updated it on Linkedin.

Contact Information is only available when the person has chosen to display the information in his security settings. Then what you get is his Private Mobile No. and Private email and sending a corporate communication on private mobile or email is not much recommended. All such mails generally land in Spam box.

Differentiate with Sales Navigator: There is a Limitation on the number of in-mails. Most of the executives do not often check their Linkedin Accounts. Communication reaches again on Private emails.

Filters are much limited- especially the Revenue Filter if you check is not available, which generally is major segmentation source.

Sales Navigator Accounts are Person specific and cannot be bought by a company in form of multiple user licenses for it’s whole Sales Team, making it difficult to claim as a corporate expense even.


: Yes, Connect+ provides detailed analysis reports. You can get instant insights, which mean more time for high-value activities like giving demos and building relationships. With detailed email analytics on open & click rates, it helps marketers make informed decisions by including comprehensive data collection and analysis, customized reporting for different stakeholders & campaign monitoring to measure performance.

Yes. We can share a sample or highlight the fields here.

Mailchimp only provides a marketing tool. However with Connect+, one can do the target prospecting and do the email campaigning from the same platform.

Connect+ provides both domestic and global data.

Yes, you can send bulk emails.

Data credits and Email campaign credits will be separate. One need, email for doing any campaign. In case, the credits are exhausted, a top up option is available. One can renew or top up with more credits.


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