Best CRM Solutions for Startups

by | Sep 27, 2022 | crm, SaaS, Start Ups

The Importance of Marketing

Creating a startup is exciting and adventurous. Having your own business brings forth the ability for you to take control of your own time and build the products that you want to build. But one area of business that often goes overlooked, especially in the startup stage, is marketing. At first glance, this makes sense. The culture of almost any startup is fast-paced and result oriented. Almost all the attention falls on creating the best product possible. But the reality of the situation is that without marketing, even in the startup stage, a business cannot thrive. Even if you allocate all your time and resources to creating the greatest product on Earth, it dies on the shelves of whatever retail store you’re selling it at without a proper marketing campaign. The most successful corporations know this of course which is why you see them spend millions of dollars trying to create new, engaging, and exciting content online. But most startups don’t have the luxury of million-dollar budgets for just marketing to provide top-notch results. Yet the problem still remains. How can startups fulfill their marketing needs with constrained budgets? The answer lies in automations and CRM solutions.

What is a CRM?

There isn’t a single industry in the global economy that hasn’t been affected by automation. The concept of automation has been around since the beginning of time to make any task easier and more efficient. Marketing is no exception to this trend. Automation doesn’t just include warehouses filled with robots. All the software you use is part of automation. One software in particular known as customer relations management (CRM) software is an example of a marketing automation tool. To big businesses, CRMs are an extremely familiar tool that almost every corporation has adopted at some point. The great thing about CRM solutions is that small businesses and startups can easily benefit from them as well. When creating your business, achieving volume in your messaging through email marketing for example can be an arduous task. But with CRM software, that entire process is automated so you can focus your time and resources on other tasks. Even if you are at the stage where you have a team of many different sales representatives, CRM software will make their job so much easier. With the freed-up resources, you can have your team focus on more creative and meaningful tasks that a computer otherwise cannot do. The problem arises, however, that many CRMs are too expensive and complicated for startups to use.

The Best CRM Solutions

SalezShark was founded on the idea that marketing should be affordable and simple to implement. It was apparent through the CRM market that this software wasn’t designed for small businesses or startups to utilize even though it would be extremely beneficial for them to use it. SalezShark offers a marketing tool that provides many different CRM solutions including the ability to create landing pages and marketing campaigns, as well as make email marketing easy for the business.

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