When Content Strikes a Chord with Sales

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Marketing, Sales, Start Ups

Nearly 40 per cent of companies use blogs and newsletters for marketing and sales purposes and over 46 per cent of people read such content on a daily basis.

We are living in a day and age where the consumer no longer consults a sales executive to make a decision, instead he turns to reliable content available on digital channels and platforms. As a marketer or a sales professional, if you generate enough good quality content that could convince the consumer for you product, half your battle is won.

While there are many brands that have already taken to content marketing and have realized its value, some brands are still reluctant to take this step. But, here’ s a tip for these brands- if you don’t believe in producing good content for your customer, they would go to a brand that does.

So here are a few quick tips to get started for generating relevant content for amplifying your sales efforts:

1. Get the Influencers to Write a Blog Post

Engage an industry expert or a veteran to write an article or a blog on your behalf. They have credibility within the community of their specific field.  Therefore, a communication from them in favour of your brand can generate intense interest within their followers.

This will bring more footfalls to your website, helping you touch-base with multiple consumers. These consumers already know about your brand through the write- up so it saves a lot of your time and effort while pitching.

2. Create Relevant Content (that addresses your buyer’s needs)

Build content which talks about things within your business- space. Delve into tools such as Customer Management Software and Sales and Marketing Management Software to understand problems associated with buyer’s needs. Be specific about the challenges and highlight a common problem; tell them how your product and service can overcome such odds.

Clear insights to the reader will update him or her on the crucial need and importance of your product. This way you are not directly selling but conveying the benefits of your product in- advance; so half of your task is done even before you pitch.

3. Build Content that Can Go Viral

You would want your content to spread fast and as wide as possible. Therefore, you want it to go viral.

Today, positive content is more likely to spread faser than negative content. So, ensure that your write- up well entails positive emotions which a common reader can relate to. Moreover, create useful content as people like sharing practically valuable content to help out their fans and friends. You could also do it in a inspiring, story -telling manner; people tend to like it.

4. Initiate Image- Based Reading

Images are crucial for good readability. Today, a piece of content which entails relevant images leaves a positive impact on the amount of time a visitor spends in reading your blog posts.

No matter how good you are with words, there will always be people who would not read most of your content because they find it boring to go through the entire piece. Image- based content serves as a significant respite in this scenario; it breaks your text for easy reading.

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