Understanding the Modern B2B Buyer

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Marketing, SaaS, Sales, Start Ups

The B2B selling space is rapidly evolving and demographics are continuously shifting. Getting in alignment with buyers in such a scenario, is no easy feature. Today, if you want to emerge as a ‘buyer centric’ company, you should first be able to understand your buyer well.

Understanding your buyer is a critical need that can help you to successfully survive in a highly competitive environment. So, let me take you through a crash- course that will not only aid you to enhance your Business Intelligence Services but also help you to understand a new- age B2B buyer.

They are Tech- friendly

New-age buyers are often too busy to meet in person. Amidst their busy schedules, they depend on social media to stay connected with a large number of audience in a short span of time. They rely on multiple digital platforms to make better buying decisions. So today, if you intend to meet them, try this route!

This will also increase your efficiency and save a lot of time in business.

They Compare Before Buying

With multiple sellers in the market, buyers today, have an option to pick and choose from a wide range of products, services and providers. They also compare the quality, durability and pricing before making the exact buying decision. This tendency of a B2B buyer has urged many brands/ business leaders to capture prospect’s attention early in the buying- cycle, well before they go to the competitor.

They Look For Special Gestures

While seeking solutions, they also look for value-added deals. In other words, they look for partners who provide the most value to enhance the buying trajectory. They consider partners who can go a little extra mile to deliver more than just a product. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn their buying traits through tools such as Sales CRM and Marketing Automation CRM and then provide the best value that they desire.

They Search About You Before Partnering

Today’s modern- buyer does not buy blindly. In fact, they thoroughly study your brand and the company well in- advance, before buying. This makes it vital for you to present yourself in the best manner, on all platforms.

So, build a great website with creative content and graphics, mark your strong presence on social media platforms through blogs, articles, regular tweets etc. Give a chance to your satisfied customers to talk positive things about your brand through surveys and later highlight the results to influence the buyer.

They Expect Customized Services

A modern buyer comes with multiple desires and requirements. What is needed by the first buyer may not be able to fulfill the desires of the second one? Which is why, it is crucial to present exclusivity; tailored products and services that can best meet and exceed specific expectations of different buyers.

To achieve this, you can easily take help of technology such as Sales Automation CRM, Lead Management CRM Tool and more; these will help you to understand your customer like never before.

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