Effective Email Templates to Boost Your Prospecting

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Going back to early 90’s, even a single email in the inbox used to excite people, so much! Fast forward to the present, a multitude of email flows into an inbox regularly and considering the ultra-busy schedule of the people, they generally limit themselves from opening each and every mail that comes to their doorstep.

This is where sales reps fail to build valuable relationships and turn their prospects into clients.

While metrics and technology are extremely valuable sales tools, relationship building is still what builds the business. So without further ado, here are some of the important approaches (as well as email templates) which can be employed by sales professionals to trigger conversations and build valuable relationships with the prospects:

Cold Prospecting emails

Today’s superlative consumer base is not just looking to buy products or services, but are willing to invest in valuable solutions. Keeping this trend in mind, cold prospecting emails should be crafted in a precise form that well educates the prospect on the product or the brand.

Let’s go through a few email templates which can successfully assist in initiating the process of brand awareness, educating prospect regarding business solutions:


Hey {name},

With the help of (your product/service), clients experienced 65% increase in contact rates, 50% improvement in closure, and 40% increase in quota-hitting sales reps. 

Let’s find a few minutes to talk how our (product/service) is the best-fit for your company.

I’m available tomorrow 12pm-1pmpm and 3pm-4pm. Can we sync up?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

{Sender’s name}



Hi (contact name),

We specialize in (company’s selling point). We wanted to understand how you handle (operations/solutions that the company provides) and show you the ways in which we can assist with the same.

Let’s connect for a brief call at _______.


Very Best,

{Sender’s name}



Hello there!

We have been helping our customers to (company’s expertise) and their sales graph has been growing by leaps and bounds since then. We were hoping if your company is also looking for such (services company has to offer).

Let’s sync up to understand your requirements.


Warm Regards,

{Sender’s name}



Hello (contact name)

My name is (name of the sender) and I am working as (_______) with (company name).

I was looking forward to connect with (name/designation of the person) to discuss (the offer/deal/services they have). Could you please provide me the contact details of the concerned person?


Looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you,

{Sender’s name}



Hey {name}!

In 10 minutes, I can present to you an idea that can get your company its next best clients.

I recently used this idea to help our client {competitor} almost triple their monthly run rate.

{Name}, Let’s schedule a 10-minute call so I can elaborate. 


Kind Regards,

{Sender’s name}


Follow-up email

Follow up email is an intelligent and professional approach to engage prospects and remind them of your presence. Among clutter of emails which are daily stuffed into a prospect’s mailbox, follow-up email tends to outshine among the rest. It portrays an organization as keen, devoted and proactive towards serving the customer.

Let’s go through a follow-up email template that can progressively increase chances of getting a response from the prospect:


Hey there!

 It’s been quiet for a while so we thought of dropping an email to check how you were doing lately.

If you remember, a few weeks back we had a discussion regarding ____________ and we hope you are still on the lookout for ____________ for your company. We were also planning to take you through a live demo of our product.

Allow us to steal a few minutes from your busy schedule to discuss _____________ on _________.


Best Regards,

{Sender’s name}


The last resort email

Such emails are sent when things do not move ahead with a specific prospect, since a long time. Such messages are communicated to clarify if the prospect is willing to get onboard or looking to drop the offer.

Let’s go through a template which can effectively get the user to open up regarding their decision on making or breaking the deal:


Hi (customer’s name)

Remember us?

We have been trying to connect with you for a long time now and hope you are doing fine. Since you are not closing the deal at the moment, we were assuming that currently, you are not ready to get on board with us.

Anyways, we would definitely like to work with an organization like yours in the near future.

Looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you sometime soon,

{Sender’s name}

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