5 Tested Ways to Feel Inspired At Work

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Marketing, SaaS, Sales, Start Ups

You’re some months into your position in the office. You enter the office and say hello to your colleague on your way in the door, grab your coffee and enlist your task assignments. But, the truth is we all get dissatisfied or complacent at work. It was interesting when you first started out. But, now you’ve settled the basics of what you need to know and the challenge has probably faded.

5 Tested Ways to Feel Inspired At Work

The truth is that we all need some inspiration to do a good job persistently and we all feel like its missing.

Motivation and inspiration is a fleeting emotion, but not something that is totally out of our control; it can definitely be cultivated.

Here are a few ways to find that magic again

Get clear on your why

Know what you want and why you are working for it at the first place. Focusing on what is important to you dissolves the question of motivation as you become more tapped into what you’re doing.

Find new ways to contributing

Connect your work with the greater good. Investigate the needs in your company that have fallen through the cracks. Spending your time on things that make the world around you a better place and being purpose-driven can feel like the ultimate inspiration.

Give yourself a little time outdoors

Some fresh air does wonders for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Spending your whole day sitting at the desk doesn’t help you renew the creativity, stepping outside may help.


There is always a world of possibility only if you’re willing to try. Realize and believe that anything’s possible. Look for new possibilities, believe in them, and reframe your outlook.

Celebrate the milestones

Yes it is important and it is all the more important to celebrate each and every milestone you achieve. Feel like a winner throughout the entire journey of achievement? Why not!

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