Why your business needs the best marketing automation software

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Marketing

Identifying marketing qualified leads, turning them into paying customers and keeping a track of client engagement are a few major objectives of any size of business – small, medium, or large. It doesn’t matter whether your business falls under the b2b or b2c landscape, the strategies you need to drive marketing effectively are almost similar. Driving day-to-day marketing activities manually consumes a lot of productive hours and also invites many human-bound errors. However, by deploying the best marketing automation software like the SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation suite you can easily improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and can establish more personalized & targeted communication with your leads and existing clients. SalezShark Connect+ is the best marketing automation software because it harnesses the power of advanced technology like AI-Artificial Intelligence. By leveraging this advanced technology SalezShark Connect+ helps marketers in delivering seamless personalized experiences to new leads and existing customers. Let’s explore why your business needs marketing automation software to drive marketing activities seamlessly.

Automate day-to-day marketing activities

The competition in elevating brands through marketing is increasing day by day. Irrespective of the environment b2b or b2c; marketers need to work hard in planning and driving marketing activities and often there is pressure to get more leads in less time. They all run in a race to get more and more marketing-qualified leads and to achieve this objective they work hard day and night. So to make their job simple and quick marketing automation software comes into the picture. By deploying this software they can get rid of driving day-to-day marketing activities manually and can automate the complete marketing process in a few clicks including lead capturing from multiple sources automatically, email marketing automation, and so on. Hence, by automating daily marketing activities, marketers get more time to focus on building relationships with leads and nurturing them to turn into paying clients.

Build email marketing campaigns in no time

By deploying marketing automation software you can easily create, schedule, and send multiple highly personalized mass email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. SalezShark Connect+ is the best marketing automation software that makes this job easy by offering you an option to pick and choose a readymade email template from the email template library. These email templates make your email campaign creation easy and quick because these email templates can also be easily customized based on your requirements. The drag-and-drop functionality offered by this software helps in creating mass email marketing campaigns in no time. Besides this, by leveraging the automation feature you can also schedule email marketing campaigns for particular target audiences, geographies, time, and so on.

Make a smart list of relevant email contacts

Another good feature of any powerful and intuitive marketing automation software is that it helps you to create a smart email list of contacts that is relevant to your business and helps in improving the performance of your email marketing campaign. Marketing automation software creates the smart list by analyzing the performance of your previous emails. It automatically includes only those email contacts in your email list who have subscribed to your emails and remove the ones that have unsubscribed from your emails. Hence your smart list is prepared and once you start using this smart email list in future email marketing campaigns, the performance of your email campaigns automatically improves in terms of emails’ open rate, click rate, and so on.

Design highly personalized and action-oriented emails

Another useful feature of any powerful and intuitive marketing automation software is it helps you in creating mass email campaigns in which you can address every email recipient with his/her first name which as a result helps in building a personalized bond with the email recipient and the open rate of emails also improve. Besides this marketing automation software also helps you in making your emails more action-oriented. It helps you to make interactive emails that generate two-way communication between you and your email recipients. It enables you to add relevant CTAs and links to your emails that generate curiosity among email recipients to click on them and know about your business.

Track marketing performance

Last but not least reason why your business needs marketing automation software is it helps you in keeping a track of the overall performance of your marketing process. It offers you various intelligent insights into the performance of your marketing process. These insights are in the form of easy-to-understand auto-generated marketing reports. By going through these reports you can easily gauge the performance of your marketing process and can also present them in front of your senior managers. As these reports are mostly in the form of graphs and pie charts they can be easily presented and explained.

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