Significance of marketing automation tools in a business

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Marketing

Tracking customer engagement and chasing marketing qualified leads is one of the primary objectives for any b2b or b2c business nowadays. Doing it manually takes a lot of time and also leaves room for error. However, by deploying powerful and highly intuitive marketing automation tools like SalezShark Connect+ businesses can enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns and easily establish more personalized & targeted communication with their past, present, and future clients. SalezShark Connect+ is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools that harness the power of advanced technology such as AI-Artificial Intelligence that helping you in delivering seamless personalized experiences to your clients at scale. Let’s explore how by deploying a marketing automation suite into your business you can drive marketing activities effectively.

Create automated marketing-related workflows

With the ever-growing competition in the marketing domain either b2b or b2c; marketers often work under pressure to do more in less span of time. The marketing team always has targets to achieve that create pressure on them to generate more and more leads in less time. To achieve this objective they plan and schedule back-to-back marketing campaigns and try their best to get more relevant leads. Driving all of these activities manually can be a tiresome task and invite human-bound errors. So to overcome these challenges marketing automation tools come into the picture. These tools help marketers in automating their day-to-day marketing activities that as a result enable them to focus more on building a relationship with leads and existing clients.

Create marketing campaigns in no time

By deploying any powerful and highly intuitive marketing automation suite you can easily draft and send highly personalized mass email marketing campaigns in no time. SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation suite offers you an email template gallery where you can choose any readymade email template and can also customize it based on your requirements. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it even quicker to create emails. So now by leveraging email templates, emails can be cratered quickly and can also be scheduled in advance based on a target audience, geographies, time, and so on.

Create a smart email list

Marketing automation tools nowadays also offer you an option to create a smart list of email contacts. These email lists can be created from multiple sources and if we talk about SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation software then it offers an integrated b2b database that helps you create a smart list of relevant leads. Hence, by using this feature you ensure that all your emails are going to the right email recipient and the one who is interested in buying from you. The marketing automation suite automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribed list of email addresses that help in creating the most valid list of email addresses.

Draft personalized emails

By deploying any powerful and highly intuitive marketing automation suite you can also create multiple mass email marketing campaigns in no time. Manually creating, scheduling, and sending mass email marketing campaigns by addressing every email recipient with his/her first name is a tedious and time-consuming task. However, by leveraging the advanced marketing automation feature of the marketing automation suite it is possible to do it in a few clicks. You can create and send mass email campaigns and can address every email recipient with his/ her first name which as a result helps in building a personalized bond with the email recipient.

Create action-oriented email campaigns

Marketing automation tools nowadays also offer you an option to create highly action-oriented emails in a few clicks. It gives you an option to add relevant CTAs and links to your emails that helps in generating a two-way communication between you and your email recipient. Besides this, it also helps in enhancing the performance of your email campaigns and as a result your emails’ open rate, click rate, and subscribe rate get better.

Analyze the overall marketing performance

By deploying any powerful and highly intuitive marketing automation suite you can also get access to various marketing reports in a few clicks. The marketing automation suite nowadays is advanced and offers you some intelligent insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can get access to multiple auto-generated marketing reports that make your job easy in presenting the weekly or monthly reports in front of the senior management and also save a lot of productive hours. These reports are easy-to-understand as they are mostly in the form of graphs and pie charts that help you in delivering the marketing campaigns’ performance presentation effectively.

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