SalezShark Billionaire Breakdown: How Mr. Beast Got 100M+ YouTube Followers – And You Can Too!!

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Marketing, Start Ups

Mr. Beast, the YouTube channel created by Jimmy Donaldson in 2011, has grown to become one of the most popular channels on the platform with over 100 million subscribers. And consequently, he has gone from earning less than a dollar per month to being offered over a BILLION dollars for his YouTube channel.

His remarkable story (which he chronicles in his appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast) is not only inspiring but is also full of priceless marketing lessons that anyone can use to gain remarkable social media success for themselves and their business.

As with most things in life, Mr. Beast can be boiled down to repeatable, proven, and tested marketing principles executed to perfection. Here is a sneak peek of how Mr. Beast gained 100M+ followers on YouTube:


Unique Content Strategy

Mr. Beast’s content strategy is unique in that it stands out from other YouTube channels due to its focus on creating unique content that viewers will find entertaining and engaging. From giving away large sums of money to doing outrageous stunts, there’s no doubt that Mr. Beast knows how to captivate an audience with his videos. By creating content that is both creative and eye-catching, he has been able to draw in millions of views and new followers each day.


Engaging Branding & Visuals

The branding behind Mr. Beast is also a key factor in why the channel has seen so much success over time. From his iconic green hoodie to his consistent use of yellow throughout his visuals, there’s no mistaking Mr. Beast’s branding when you see it online or offline. Not only does this help create an instantly recognizable identity for the brand, but it also helps create visual consistency across all of his videos as well as marketing materials like t-shirts and merchandise items.


Ongoing Interaction & Engagement

Another key factor in Mr. Beast’s success has been his willingness to interact with fans on social media and beyond. From talking directly with fans through Twitter or Instagram comments to attending meetups with some of his biggest supporters, he has gone above and beyond when it comes to engaging with his audience – something that many other YouTubers do not do regularly if at all! By taking the extra step to engage directly with viewers, he has built up a loyal fan base who are constantly sharing their love for him online – which in turn helps him grow even more!



Here is the eternal entrepreneur’s dilemma: analysis paralysis. There is sooo much you can do, so many ways to market and reach your target demographic that it’s insane. But as the quote goes ‘a businessman has time for everything – that does not mean they will do just anything.’ In other words, Mr. Beast was hyper-focused on optimizing for the long-form content on YouTube as opposed to being a jack of all trades and using Instagram, TikTok, SEO, and God knows what else! Sure, he has a presence on all these platforms, but he 1) did not come on board till he reached critical mass and success on YouTube and 2) only uses those sources to bring traffic to his YouTube channels.



We hear this all the time. Just go VIRAL! If only there was a proven, time-tested, scientific method to do this – but wait, there is! And Mr. Beast knows exactly how to exploit. And there are tons of human emotions to leverage: Humor, Anger, Sadness, The BIG R (Relatableness), etc. But the most important is absurdity. We elaborate on how you can viral in this blog post, and we highly encourage you to read it, if you are looking to become the next Mr. Beast as well.



The success story of Mr. Beast is one that many businesses should strive towards replicating in their own way whether they are trying to grow their reach on social media or increase sales through eCommerce stores or physical locations! Through creative content strategies, great visuals & branding efforts as well as ongoing engagement with fans & customers alike – any business can achieve similar levels of success (or even higher!) if they put in the right amount of work & effort! Be sure to keep these lessons from Mr. Beast in mind when building your own brand online – they could make all the difference!

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