How marketing automation tools can help businesses

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Marketing

Driving day-to-day marketing activities can be a tiresome job for marketers if done manually. As automation is a key to success in any business from any industry today, so gradually with the pace of time businesses are deploying the power of marketing automation tools in their marketing processes to make their marketing magnetic, get more quality leads, and nurture better relationships with past, present, and future customers. The SalezShark Connect+ is one of the marketing automation tools available in the market that helps businesses in driving their marketing activities seamlessly. It keeps all your customer information intact and also helps you in searching for any piece of information in a few clicks. Its Smart Search feature comes with a smart indexing search that makes your search simple and easy. In a few clicks, you can look for any b2b data including any company or executive-specific details that help in making prospecting painless. Another feature of the Connect+ marketing automation suite is the Radius search feature that simplifies your lead generation especially when you are looking for relevant prospects’ information in any vicinity and helps you connect with them instantly. It helps you to locate the right prospects that can be interested in knowing your products and services.

The SalezShark Connect+ also offers a feature of Organization Chart. As the name suggests, the organization chart helps you understand the hierarchy of any organization by accessing the visual Org. Chart of any particular company. Through this chart, you understand the designations of any company’s employees & narrow down your search results based on it. The primary use of this chart is to display the clear information of all the employees & their reporting managers. Last but not least the Social intelligence feature of Connect+ is also a very useful feature that makes your job easy in building relationships with your target audience by analyzing their social insights before you interact. These social insights help you in creating a perfect sales pitch based on target audience interests and pain points that enhance personalized communication and make prospecting painless and effective.

This marketing automation tool also offers you a strong email marketing strategy based on personalization by knowing your target audiences’ buying preferences in advance and then drafting personalized email campaigns that resonate with the target audiences’ preferences and needs. In this manner, Connect+ enables you to be more accurate in lead targeting. It helps you to send personalized emails to leads that directly resonate with their needs and eventually makes a massive difference in lead conversion rate that ends up in amplified sales. As we know it’s the time of the digital age of communication where emails play a vital role in establishing seamless communication. During our school time, we started learning the basics of emails whether it is replying, forwarding, or clicking on them; each email is going to incite some sort of action. And now as an adult, we all use email in not only our personal lives but also in our professional lives. It’s a well-proven fact that email is the most organic and efficient way to bring direct traffic to any website. It is one of the best practices to implement when trying to establish a business, get traffic, and drive better sales. And Connect+ helps you in the same to implement this practice effectively.

Connect+ is one of the best marketing automation tools that make your email marketing process highly measurable and produces results in no time. By saying measurable results we mean to say that you can track the open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe to and unsubscribe from your marketing emails. Connect+ offers you similar features that enable you to analyze the performance of your email marketing process. It also helps you in learning even more valuable information about your leads so you can have a thorough understanding of your leads’ needs which helps in improving future email marketing strategies. Connect+ enables you to personalize business emails based on the first and last names of the prospects. A recent random study stated that personalized emails generate a 14% increase in CTR (Click through Rate) and a 10% increase in conversion. Not only this but, personalized subject lines generate a 26% higher open rate. Connect+ helps you in this by connecting you with leads in a personalized manner. It helps you to send relevant emails as per the buyer’s requirement. It enables you to offer the right product at the right time in front of the relevant leads, which guarantees you higher conversion rates and lower unsubscribe rates.

Last but not least Connect+ is also available on your mobile phone. As we know most people these days are connected through Smartphones, and they use these phones not only for calling purpose but also for many different activities throughout the day that majorly entails checking on emails and maintaining communication and correspondence. It hardly matters if you are traveling or waiting for a meeting to begin, or see some downtime, you always have access to your smartphones so you can easily check emails while on the go.

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