How CRMs and marketing software are shaping up local government 🤔

by | Sep 27, 2022 | crm, Marketing, SaaS

The Potential of Local Government

When we think of some of the greatest problems–solving vehicles in our society, businesses tend to rank amongst the top. It’s why many tasks in our economy are handled by the private sector. But why can’t local governments be among the top of the ladder when it comes to problem solvers? Critics will often point to misallocation of resources and inefficiency as the sole causes of failure amongst local governments, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. As technology has progressed, software and automation has taken over many mundane and time consuming tasks in the business world. The reality is that the government is no stranger to this either. Paperwork and bureaucracy lead to incredible back log for agencies and as the federal government has slowly begun to introduce automation into their operations, they’ve been better for it. Local governments in particular are capable of solving so many of society’s problems because of their proximity to many problems themselves. They too can benefit from the introduction of software into operations as well. But what does that look like exactly? What type of software should local governments use and why should they use them?

What is a CRM?

One type of software that has seen market-beating growth over the past decade is customer relations management (CRM) software. Think of all the most time-consuming tasks imaginable in marketing. Email marketing, sending letterheads, and creating newsletters, require so much time and energy without software that it creates a massive amount of inefficiency and backlog that businesses have to deal with. CRM software was designed to help automate those mundane tasks, while also keeping track of large amounts of data on customers and leads with the idea that business can streamline some of the boring tasks while also spending whatever time and money they have on generating new customers and creating the best marketing campaigns possible. CRM can be used with past consumers, current customers, and even future customers that are potential leads. It has all sorts of application in many different industries and thus has been a driving force in growth in the software industry across the globe.

Software is the Answer

So what exactly does marketing software have to do with local government? Well, it turns out that businesses are not only type of agency that can benefit from this technology. Companies have done a great job capitalizing on the advantages of CRM, but government can do so as well. So much of the perceived inefficiency can be dealt with using this technology. Call it constituent relations management software instead and you now have an automation system that can turn local governments into excellent problem – solving agencies. Not to mention, CRM is considerably cheaper than most other software and thus would cut capital expenditures as well for local governments which has also been a massive point of contention. Either way, there is very little downside for any agency to integrate the software into their operations. At bare minimum, it’s a low – risk investment that doesn’t pan out. At best, it makes these agencies better than they’ve ever been. So here are the ways that CRM can specifically help local governments become the best version of themselves.

How CRM can help Governments

The most obvious way is through automation. The word automation can be scary for governments to integrate because its been thrown around quite often as a buzz word to instill worry and confusion into those that are afraid of losing their job. The bottom line is that automation exists to help you, not hurt you. CRM can take care a lot of the excess paperwork and bureaucratic nightmares that can exist from a backlogged system. But this is just one way CRM can help out. Another impactful way is through constant engagement with constituents. When businesses use CRMs, it gives them the ability to track the customers journey with the product. They can use the data analytics tools that the software provides to keep in touch with the customer and update them on any key information while also receiving feedback from their customer at the same time to improve their product in the future. This is something that local governments sorely need. A software that helps connect constituents with their elected officials can help ensure that constituents have their voices heard at the same time where government officials can update their constituents on important activities.

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