Benefits of using lead management tools

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Lead Management

The number of sales and revenue generation of your brand directly depend on the performance of your lead management process. Acquiring quality leads and turning them into paying customers play a vital role in the success of your business. Doing all of this manually can be difficult and also invites a lot of human-bound errors that end up losing good leads. In such a situation you need to re-strategize your lead management process and make it better by introducing the power of lead automation. By leveraging lead management tools you can bring the power of automation into your lead management process. These tools help you in automating your entire lead management cycle and drive various stages of the lead management cycle such as lead capturing, lead scoring, lead distribution, lead conversion, and so on seamlessly. Irrespective of the size of your business small, medium, or large, lead management tools are undoubtedly required to beat the competition and turn leads turn into paying customers successfully.   The usage of these tools is not limited to any size of the business because these tools can be easily customized as per your business size and industry requirements which can be any such as banking, insurance, healthcare, real estate, etc. These tools help you in managing leads effectively by making you understand your leads’ buying preferences, behavior, and position in the buying journey. But how is it possible to know your leads even before interacting with them? Simple, these lead management tools harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that offers you various insights into your leads’ buying behavior, pain points, and so on. Hence by using these tools you can build strong relationships with leads and turn them into paying customers successfully. Let us explore how these lead automation tools work and make your lead management process simple and quick.   Capture leads  Capturing leads is not limited to one source or platform nowadays. Businesses capture leads from multiple sources such as websites, landing pages, social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and so on. Just imagine how difficult it can be to individually log into each platform and capture leads manually. Isn’t it frustrating and time-consuming? To make this process easy and quick without any scope of human-bound errors, lead automation tools are used. The tools capture leads automatically from multiple channels and organizes them systematically which can be accessed with a single sign-in into your system. Track leads  By leveraging lead automation tools you can track the source of your leads’ origin. Not only this but it also helps you in tracking the activities performed by leads such as the number of web pages visited, the forms filled, and so on. These tools also help you in tracking the activities performed by you while interacting with leads through chat, calls, emails, demos, and so on. Score leads Another benefit of using a lead automation tool is it helps in scoring the lead quality depending on the chances of a lead turning into a paying customer. These tools enable you to set a lead scoring rule into the system and based on that when any lead enters the system it automatically gets a score. This scoring system helps you to prioritize leads so you can focus first on leads that have better chances of turning into customers and the rest of the leads later. Distribute & Assign Leads automatically One more benefit of using the lead automation tool is it simplifies the process of lead distribution and lead assignment. Lead automation tool allows you to set lead distribution and lead assignment rules into the system and based on that when leads enter the system they get automatically distributed among sales executives and assigned to individual sales executives based on his/her expertise in managing the lead. Nurture leads  Another important aspect of the lead management process is nurturing the lead effectively. Often, sales executives fail in nurturing leads effectively and end up losing good leads that have the potential of being paying customers. However certain lead automation tools allow you to integrate email marketing tools with them that simplify your email efforts. By integrating these email marketing tools you can send automated emails to your leads and stay in constant touch with them, educating them on your products and services and building strong relationships with them that end up boosting lead conversion. Convert leads By using lead automation tools like SalezShark you can boost your lead conversion in no time. It enables you to create a visual sales funnel in the system. By using this visual sale funnel you can place all your leads inside it based on their probability of turning into a deal. Leads with higher chances of conversion can be dragged down from top to bottom in the funnel. Hence by looking at the sales funnel you can easily prioritize leads and can focus first on leads that are at the bottom of the funnel and the rest of the leads later. 

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