CRM and Government Contracts: Match Made In Heaven

by | Jan 24, 2023 | crm

There is no denying that government efficiency has been the butt of many jokes, however when it comes to utilizing technology there are certainly ways in which progress can be made. Upgrading techniques and tools could help modernize governments for more effective operations nationwide. In fact, the US government spent a staggering $58.44B on IT infrastructure to support the needs of government agencies nationwide, and this number is only set to increase in years to come.

It’s time to move forward, and many government agencies are taking the initiative by transitioning to more efficient technology – specifically cloud-based CRM systems. Like with the private sector, the big incentive to using cloud based tech is how it helps in reducing costs associated with day-to-day operation from infrastructure to data storage to cybersecurity.

And CRMs take this a step further by allowing government agencies to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness while streamlining operations. These powerful tools provide numerous advantages to the public sector, including improved customer service, greater insight into organizational processes, faster developments of services and more responsive decision making.


Automation Helps Government Employees Focus on the Most Important Tasks

Automation has long been viewed with skepticism, often associated with the fear of job loss since it can render certain tasks obsolete. However, recent studies show that automation is actually an advantageous tool to optimize efficiency and better equip employees in their roles: while only 5% of occupations are completely automatable, 60% have 30% or more activities that could be automated for greater productivity.


While only 5% of occupations are completely automatable, 60% have 30% or more activities that could be automated for greater productivity.

Government Contractors Can Secure More Contracts

Governments around the world are recognizing the effective role of CRM technology in streamlining contract procurement processes. Significantly reducing time-consuming administrative work, these powerful solutions have become a vital part of winning government deals and increasing profitability for 65%+ contractors; yet unfortunately 72% still struggle with lengthy process cycles nowadays that can negatively impact their growth prospects.

Through top CRM systems like SalezShark, businesses can stay ahead of the game with automated processes, greater oversight into their operations and compliance with industry regulations. They can create a solid foundation for success in an ever-evolving marketplace.


Retaining Top Talent Becomes Easier With CRMs 

Cloud-based platforms offer numerous internal advantages for government agencies, including streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes. Hiring managers can access self-service portals to create job applications, present offers and make hires through customized training programs. Additionally, these tools enable personnel teams to significantly increase employee retention rates with real time scheduling updates as well as task/case automation capabilities that aid in improved communication between senior staff members and their employees.


Customer relationships (because citizens in case of governments and agencies in case of contractors are customers after all!!) are at the heart of government operations, and SalezShark Customer Success Platform is a reliable CRM solution that puts those customers top-of-mind. From connecting with customers to streamlining processes, this platform helps agencies and contractors alike design an effective experience tailored specifically for their customers, wherever they may be.

Outdated government technology can often impede efficiency and hinder agencies’ ability to effectively serve their communities. But by utilizing the right tools, those same organizations are able to tap into a world of unprecedented potential — providing customers/clients/citizens with superior service while freeing up resources that would otherwise be wasted on mundane tasks. It’s time for governments and government contractors everywhere to embrace advanced solutions so they have more power in achieving their critical missions!


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