Why your business needs the best marketing automation software

Identifying marketing qualified leads, turning them into paying customers and keeping a track of client engagement are a few major objectives of any size of business – small, medium, or large. It doesn’t matter whether your business falls under the b2b or b2c landscape, the strategies you need to drive marketing effectively are almost similar. … Read more

Significance of marketing automation tools in a business

Tracking customer engagement and chasing marketing qualified leads is one of the primary objectives for any b2b or b2c business nowadays. Doing it manually takes a lot of time and also leaves room for error. However, by deploying powerful and highly intuitive marketing automation tools like SalezShark Connect+ businesses can enhance the performance of their … Read more

How do email automation tools help businesses

Sending the right email to the right email recipient at the right time is crucial in building a strong relationship with past, present, and future customers. The efforts you put in driving your email marketing activities help you in keeping your existing customers engaged and entice new customers to buy from you. Email marketing is … Read more

Significance of email automation tools

Email automation tools are one of the most advanced marketing tools that businesses opt to enhance their customer engagement and build strong relationships with their past, present, and future customers. Manually driving email marketing activities consume a lot of time and also leaves room for human-bound errors. To overcome such challenges businesses opt for a … Read more

Features of Marketing Automation

In this digital era, the right usage of digital marketing strategies can upscale your business right from the bottom to top, without depending upon large amount of workforce and investment. What if all those email campaigns and social media posts can be automated with the right message at the right time for the right location? … Read more

10 Powerful Motivating Sales Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

At times, some words of wisdom can truly turn the table. And this perfectly applies to the profession of salesman.  With simple rejection in the day-to-day life of every salesperson, there comes a stagnant point of utter disappointment that lowers their self-esteem to make another sales call. It is the responsibility of sales managers to … Read more

Manage Your Leads with Simplest Sales Automation

Ask any sales guy and he would say a lead is the ray of hope that brings him closer to his sales target. Any data that land into the salespeople account become a lead but to convert those leads into sales opportunities is the biggest challenge that requires the segmentation from unqualified to qualified, regular … Read more

5 Features of Sales Dashboard: 80% Successful Salespeople Follow it

Working as a sales executive is one of the most competitive jobs that keep you engaged with time-to-time sales performance and you will always find salespeople on their toes swapping their tasks such as cold calling, sending proposals, attending meetings, finding prospects and closing deals.5 Features of Sales Dashboard: 80% Successful Salespeople Follow it. Do … Read more