5 Christmas Software Deals You Won’t Want To Miss!!

by | Dec 21, 2022 | business solutions

Christmas is the time of giving, and this year, you have the chance to treat your organization to some fantastic enterprise software deals that can help create a more productive work environment. This post will detail the biggest discounts on popular enterprise products in 2022 – from state-of-the-art communications and data storage solutions, to advanced next gen artificial intelligence – all available with limited-time price cuts! So if you’re looking for something special for yourself or your team’s tech stack this festive season, look no further; these Christmas deals won’t disappoint!

Table Of Contents

CRM software: 50% off

Marketing software: 50% off

Graphic design software: 30-day free trial

Website builder & theme (WordPress): 40% off

Tax mansgement software: free

1. SalezShark Engage CRM

SalezShark Engage

SalezShark is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that efficiently helps businesses uncover leads, unearth opportunities and close deals in no time. With innovative product offerings blended with intuitive design concepts and seamless integrations, SalezShark is fast becoming the go-to choice of many savvy companies across the world. The platform provides sales teams real-time visibility into their activities, without sacrificing efficacy or quality of support. Not to mention, its sophisticated analytics engine which enables identifying patterns and trends so that decisions can be made with confidence. So make sure to check out SalezShark – it has revolutionized the way sales teams meet their goals!

*Only valid for the first 100 customers!

2. SalezShark Connect+

SalezShark Connect+

SalezShark Connect+ makes it fast and easy to connect with your customers. It helps you build stronger relationships, deepen customer loyalty, and improve sales outcomes while providing real-time insights into every customer interaction. With Connect+, you have a platform that gives you the tools and KPIs to understand how well your team is handling customer conversations and gauging customer satisfaction. The customizable dashboards provide teams with valuable data in both report formats and visualizations so they can take action quickly. And with features like advanced analytics and AI-powered forecasting, Connect+ equips managers with the data they need to stay ahead of their customers and make informed decisions effectively.

*Only valid for the first 100 customers!

3. Canva

SalezShark Connect+

Canva is an intuitive, user-friendly design platform that provides professionals and laypeople with access to powerful graphic design tools. The platform features a library of templates for teams and individuals in need of a little extra design help, as well as customizable imagery, graphic elements, typography, and layouts.

Canva boosts productivity with its diverse range of features that make it possible to quickly and efficiently create professional marketing materials or other visually appealing designs from scratch with little effort. Their friendly support team is also on hand to assist to ensure users get the most out of their Canva experience.

4. Astra

SalezShark Connect+

Astra is a powerful and reliable WordPress theme that provides an immersive user experience. With its user-friendly design, it allows users to create beautiful websites that are both fast and highly customizable.

Astra provides developers with various tools and features to customize their sites such as header, footer, sidebar, typography, and background color controls. Its pre-designed page templates give users the opportunity to quickly design any kind of site they want according to their unique needs.

Additionally, Astra offers multiple ready-to-use ads, which can be easily integrated into a website’s code and structure for optimal advertising performance. Whether you’re a personal blogger or a business owner looking for a thematic website platform, Astra definitely should be one of your options.

*Only  between 2 January to 12 January 2023

5. TurboTax

SalezShark Connect+

TurboTax is a trustworthy and powerful software platform that makes completing your taxes easier than ever. Its comprehensive suite of features covers the full spectrum of tax filing needs, from start to finish. With TurboTax, you receive instant access to forms, deductions, credits and more, ensuring your tax return is accurate and easy to follow.

You can always rest assured knowing that you are accessing up-to-date information and advice to maximize every eligible deduction. TurboTax also boasts unmatched customer service and satisfaction guarantees that ensure you have all the support you need when filing your taxes. Whether for personal or business use, TurboTax delivers stress-free tax filing with expert guidance.

*Only valid for tax season ending March 2023 for US customers

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