4 Different Buyer Personas (And How to Sell Them)

Written By salezshark

Published on March 1, 2018

Your sales training has taught you how to cold call, write an email, and talk to the prospects, handle objections and of course, close the sale. But, no one ever prepared you for the kind of personalities you’re going to encounter.

4 Different Buyer Personas

If you deal with all the customers in the same way, possibly you are able to close only 25-30% of the contacts. To be most effective, you and your marketing materials must speak yo each personality type individually.

Wouldn’t it be great to get close to closing 100 percent of your contacts?

So, here are the four personality types you will encounter

    • Competitive
    • Spontaneous
    • Humanistic
  • Methodical

The Competitive Personality

Also knows as Type A personality, this personality type get a thrill from crushing the competitor. They are on a constant battle to ensure that they stay ahead of everyone else. Taking charge of the situations, this personality type seeks to present themselves as leaders.

How to sell to them:

The only way to appeal their inner competitor is to let them know how your product or service helps them get ahead of everyone. Frame your product or service as a competitive advantage by mentioning what practical solutions it can provide to counter the problems they’re experiencing and how it helps them save their time.

The Spontaneous Personality

This is actually my personality type; Type B personality. We always want to do something interesting as world seems full of ideas and possibilities, and the one that changes everything is our holy grail. Without thinking too much about the competition, it’s more about the fun of the project for us.

How to sell to them:

Are you excited about your new and cutting edge product? Yes? Let us know.

Talk about the bigger picture as we live for it!

Remember, we are spontaneous to lose interest as quickly as quickly we act. Be immediately exciting and compelling; if not, you may lose the deal.


The Humanistic Personality

It’s all about people for them. This personality type cares a lot about the people focusing on the feelings of others. They tend to go extra mile to maintain healthy and happy environment for people.

Famous for helping those less fortunate than her, Oprah Winfrey is one big example of humanistic personality type. Apart from hosting her help- and hope-oriented talk show, she is also known for contributing millions of dollars to numerous charities.

How to sell to them:

Show them your happy customers, the best of your testimonials. Downplaying the aspects of your service that’s going to be a good change for the company and will be good for their team is the key.


The Methodical Personality

This personality type craves information. They need details and don’t feel comfortable making a decision until they have all of it laid out, and analyzed.

Based on data they’ll do due diligence predict the outcome of a project. Example of this personality type, however, can be found in and Bill Gates who helped pioneer and create personal computers.

How to sell to them:

Numbers! Give them the data to crunch.

The most unbiased and trustworthy facts are numbers, so place the value of facts above all else. Only after they have a sufficient amount of facts will they feel comfortable making a decision.

More the information they have to analyze, more at home they will feel.

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